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Research On The Integrated Logistics

Posted on:2005-11-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122999100Subject:Industrial Economics
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Logistics ability is one of the core competences of a logistics enterprise. Level of logistics industry reflects a country's comprehensive national power. Therefore, logistics is an important issue that all governments and enterprises in the world pay great attention to. Continuous and fast development of China's national economy, the implementation of western exploitation strategy, and China's access to WTO, bring about a severe challenge to China's logistics industry. The development of Logistics is the increasing improvement of integrated logistics. Socialization, specialization, centralization is the main trend of modern logistics development. So, this paper puts forward the front logistics issue of "integrated logistics", which includes two aspects: firstly, the logistics service provided is integrative; secondly, the organization to provide logistics service is integrative, emphasizing integration fusion, highlighting coordination and competition. So, this paper conducts a meaningful exploration to logistics principles and management methods for the current logistics industry development, it will provide a kind of new principle instruction for our logistics enterprises that will be engaged in the market competition in the world. On the hand, it is beneficial to the establishment of the mechanism to catch up with advanced countries and to realize the high-speed growth for our newly logistics enterprise; On the other hand, it is beneficial to optimize reorganization of various traditional resources that are sunk resources in transportation and warehouse enterprises. Thus, this paper is of great theoretical and practical importance to the integration of our current logistics resources.Following the order of introduction-logistics theories overview-theoretical basis of integrated logistics-factual impetus of integrated logistics-operation mechanism of integrated logistics-management framework of integrated logistics-Strategic consideration on promoting the development of China's integrated logistics, this paper conducts a thorough and all-round exploration on integrated logistics. First of all, the paper sums up seven types of current logistics theories in the broad sense, which are cost center theory, profits center theory, service center theory, strategy center theory, benefit adverse theory, supply chain theory and green logistics theory. At the same time, based on the research findings of integrated logistics, six important points are concluded, which are third party logistics and fourth party logistics, integration of logistics factors, view of logistics resultant force, resource integration of logistics enterprises based on the core competence, modes of resources integration, comprehensive (integration)theory. Then this paper puts forward the concept, basic characteristics of integrated logistics, and analyzes the ability demands for of logistics providers (the core of integration logistics).To explore theoretical foundation and factual impetus of the formation of integration logistics, this paper analyzes the connotation and mechanism of the logistics by applying the system theories, synergetics theory, integration theory and supply chain management, and probes into the factual impetus of integration logistics in terms of speed, efficiency, cost, and service. Firstly, it puts forward speed-rule of the new economic era, analyzes the demands for high-efficiency logistics service in the era, and studies the connotation of logistics speed that is of core competitiveness by making use of the core competitiveness theory. Secondly, this paper analyzes the demands of economic globalization for the operation efficiency of enterprises, on which basis the paper puts forward the principle that logistics efficiency is a profits headspring of enterprise in the new economic era. Thirdly, this paper brings forward the cost leading rule, discusses the influence of logistics cost on improving market competition ability, and draw the conclusion that integrated logistics is a system arrangement of saving transaction...
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