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Study On Supply Chain Relationship Coordination Management

Posted on:2005-05-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y S JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125452981Subject:Transportation planning and management
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Supply chain is one kind of open large-scale distributed systems, supply chain management is a new management approach to the relations of enterprises in nature, which remedies the limitation of traditional ones and emphasizes the importation of co-competition. And relationship coordination is increasingly becoming the important tool and element.This dissertation studies on relationship coordination at two aspects, with the help of Hall for workshop of Meta Synthesis Engineering mainly made up of game theory and MAS , One is relationship coordinative mechanism; the other is relationship coordinative channel. The research is made as following:At chapterl, main content and method in this dissertation are put forward. And existing literatures on relationship coordination on SCM are outlined, and then the limitations of them are analyzed. Finally, the structure and layout of this dissertation are described.At chapter 2, the development of SCM is analyzed on the aspects of environment, source of thought, technology condition. Further, the nature of SCM and the importance of relationship coordination management in SCM are demonstrated. The definition of relationship coordination management then is put then. Finally, the key tool used in analyzing the relationship coordination, Game theory and the relationship of relation coordination management and information sharing are introduced.Based on the individual rational hypothesis, this dissertation analyzes the condition and mechanism, which lead to establishment of cooperation fellowship, and presents that efficiency and equilibrium are the ultimate condition of forming cooperation fellowship of SCM at chapter 3.Then a game theory model of joining in SC is made, and the condition and the course of forming the cooperation partnership are analyzed quantificationally. Finally, some characters of SC and SCM are explained with the help of the above model.At chapter 4,the evaluation and selection of partner, especially the evaluation indexes and methods, are studied. Bi-mapping method and matching between demand and need method are developed on basis of dynamic character ofevaluation in SCM.Then two important issues of evaluation and selection of SCM are studied. The one is that core enterprise evaluates and selects supplier with the help of principal component evaluation method. The other is that supplier evaluates and selects core enterprise with the help of synthesis fuzzy method.In part five, the nature of supply chain enterprise's principal-agent relationship and the basic ways for solving two typical principal-agent problems - adverse selection and moral hazard are analyzed firstly. Aimed at the problem of adverse selection, a kind of payment mechanism based on Bayes game theory's revealability principal is designed, the problem of adverse selection between core enterprise and distributor enterprise as an example is showed. Aimed at the problem of moral hazard, a kind of incentive and Supervisory mechanism is designed, by using this mechanism, core enterprise can incentives and supervises it's partners to improve their information sharing degree, in this mechanism, In the designed mechanism, the logarithmic function is firstly induced to describe the relationship between effort level and output, witch breakthroughs the traditional linear function's limitation.In part six, the payment mechanism of supply chain's profits is researched, firstly a kind of transferable payment cooperative game model, by using the concept of core and core non- vacant etc. the terms and subject to the payment mechanism of supply chain's profits are given. On the basis of these, some kinds of methods to fix on the reference value of payment vector are introduced,, in which the Nash negotiation model and the Shapely method are taken emphases on.In part seven, a branch of supply chain relationship coordination management - the channel of information sharing among enterprise in supply chain is deeply analyzed. The application of multi-agent systems theory and method is taken emphases o...
Keywords/Search Tags:Coordination management, Game theory, Multi- Agent System, Cooperative fellowship, Incentive and supervisory mechanism, Profits allot mechanism, Information sharing, Supply chain management system
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