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Social Development, As The Domain Of Political Civilization

Posted on:2005-07-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125461373Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The human society is a constantly mutable organism, the three-dimensional structure of which defines the three corresponding components of social civilization: a material one, a political one, and a spiritual one. An organic part of social civilization, the political one evolves forward with various elements as its driving forces. Among these, the productive force is believed to be fundamental, and science and technology, the refreshing interactive drive between political state and civil community, and the progress of culture are also its indispensable propellants. The existing socialist political civilization is metamorphosed from the economically and culturally under-developed eastern countries. The most important theoretical source for this is the theory on eastern societies of Marx, and its practical fountainhead is the exploration on socialist political civilization in Soviet Russian led by Lenin. Marx's theories on eastern societies provide us with profound historical enlightenment as well as theoretical and methodological guidance for the socialist political civilization; Lenin's theory and practice is also full of thoughts on the political civilization, though he does not advance the very concept of it. The socialist political civilization is the inevitable outcome of the historical development and evolution of human political civilization. The specific economic, political, and cultural conditions in eastern countries intrinsically prescribe the unique characteristics of socialist political civilization, and also determine the peculiar laws governing the construction of political civilization in these countries: socialist political civilization can be first established, the development and consolidation of which have to be based on the highly-developed productive force; in order to promote the rapid development of the productive force and the continuous progress of the political civilization , it has to be considered essential to stick to and deepen the reform of political system, to cultivate a healthy relationship with capitalism, and to transform peasants and farmers; and it is necessary to fully realize in theory and practice the importance of the fact that the construction of political civilization is a hard, complicated, and long process. China, a great eastern nation, is peacefully rising to prominence, and the globlization has brought a great variety of chances together with serious challenges to its construction of socialist political civilization. The socialist market economy, however, has laid a solid foundation and created favorable conditions for the building of its socialist political civilization. The contemporary international environment for the development of China and its special domestic realities designate the unique course and the basic framework for its socialist political civilization construction: its general objective is to construct democratic politics; its core content and key point are the organic unification of the Party's leadership, Chinese people's being the masters of the country, and administering its affairs under the law; with the institutionalization, regularization, and proceduralization of democratic politics being its focus, the political reform is now being the driving force for the construction of its political civilization.
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