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Study On Chinese Quality Technology Intendance Administration System Reform

Posted on:2005-09-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:F X YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125953404Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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The Chinese quality technology intendance administration system (CQTIAS) is hotspot of theoretical studies and economic practice in Chinese government organization innovation. Relevant research has been usually centered on the division of business rights but undefined scientifically in its duties. In this system, it has become the system obstacle that baffles the development; in which the government duties have not separated from businesses' yet, the duties absence, confused, and the organization superposed. And it has become the technical obstacle that baffles the development too, which the administrative mode, method, means and institutions have been behindhand. And they affect the advancement of the market economic and the integrity of the market economic system. System innovation is the requisite for overcoming obstacles. Therefore, the process of the reforms of the CQTIAS is naturally the process of deepening reforms of the executive intendance administration system and advancing the socialist market economic system.Through the analysis of the historical instance and the nowadays status, in contrast with the foreign administrative system, according to the requirement of the market economic, it is showed that the core issue of the reform of the administrative system is the adjustment of the duties, the adjustment of organizations, innovation of the administrative regimes and manners, in the system of the CQTIA. Consequently it is the important contents and efficient way to change functions, adjust organizations, improve regimes, promotes means, in the reform of the CQTIAS.Theoretically, to change duties, adjust organizations, promote regimes, improve means, involves study of the contents, influential factors and realizing ways of system transition. The traditional plan economic theory has been unfitted mostly and the west market economic theory could not be wholly applied at the socialism primary stage. And so, the Chinese socialism market economic theory is the main theoryfoundation in the Chinese reform in this stage. Practically, because of the speedy development of the market economic, particularly having been in the WTO, the practice needs innovation and needs new contents advanced in the quality-technology-intendance-administration (QTIA) functions, management ways, management regimes and organizations.On the basis of the above analysis, the paper focuses on the study of the CQTIAS, gives the concept of the quality technology intendance at first, introduces and analyzes the historical instance and nowadays status of this system, introduces the foreign administrative systems, points the chief problems and the important meanings of the system reform. Then this paper discusses the function theory, the organization setting theory, the management manner changing theory, the management regime improving theory, the electronic government business theory, the input and output theory, the answering theory about WTO, and the efficiency achievement estimation, which is adapted to promoting the CQTIAS. And then, on this basis, this paper comes up with the CQTIAS reform model that includes the QTIAS proposal model of the forest industry and agriculture exploitation industry, the undertaking institution, and the technology institution. This paper exposes in details the contents of the function adjustment, the duties and the designs of the organization institution, the conversions of the management manner, the integrities of the management regimes, the coordination of some chief relations, in Chinese QTIA. This paper discusses the feasibility of the QTIAS reform model objectively, proffers some countermeasures and measures.
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