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A Model Of Stability, High-efficiency And Sustainable Development Oasis, Take The Fukang Oasis In Xinjiang As A Case

Posted on:2005-06-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125959167Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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STUDY BACKGROUNDThe concept of oasis is a historical category and changes along with the development of society. The evolvement history of the oases in Xinjiang of China, is very long and presents dissimilar contrails phases in different development stages. After the establishment of the PRC, effects on the oases thrown by human take on new characteristics. Xinjiang is regarded as a new economy point of growth at the end of the 20th century. Stability, high-efficiency and sustainable development are the summary of the oasis problems although oasis itself changes frequently.As a center of the oasis issues, oasis stability is brought forwarder following with oasis problems and attracts more and more attention. Oasis stability problem is a complex and comprehensive, which deals with natural and social science domains, and some results ware achieved.After the historical agriculture exploitations for several times, nowadays the oasis in Xinjiang region is turning to a new development stage that the overall development and industrial exploitation become a main exploitative form. In this paper, it is termed modern oasis. Fukang oasis is a representative one, it is in the north foot of Tianshan mountain, belongs to the north economic belt of Tianshan mountain foot (NEBTMF) and, at the initial stage of industrialization. In the same time, human society of modern oasis is faced to many strict conflict s, such as desertification, high nature disasters, water resource intention and so on. New theories and techniques are needed urgently. To study Fukang oasis as a typical case is an essential approach for the study of modern oasis in Xinjiang. STUDY OBJECTSSome subjects, methods and viewing angles have been applied to study oasis stability, but it is still a task to integrate nature science and social science to unveil oasis stability. Various concepts of oasis and oasis stability help us to cognize oasis roundly, but it much mainly means the absent and weakness of basic theory and method. To deepen theory and establish basic theory framework is an object of oasis researches. It includes:1. Choice and orientation of hierarchy and scale for oasis problem research. The interface coupled with space-time scales and organizing scales of modern oasis stability, is small time scale (5a-10a), MPOEDS-EESS.2. Concept, characteristics and evolvement trends of modern oasis3. Natural- artificial coupling mechanisms of oasis stability4. Method of oasis stability evaluation and it index system. METHODSAppling theories and methods of systematology, ecology, economics, and eco-economics, this paper discussed the two basic problems as bridging relationship and eco-economics holism. Appling fuzzy integration, analytic hierarchy process and landscape ecology, this paper foundeda model for oasis stability evaluation method. CONCLUSIONS1. Oasis is an entia of function and landscape, high contrast of function and landscape between oasis and desert is the essence of oasis.2. The large-scale system MPOEDS-EESS (mountain-piedmont-oasis-ecotone-desert system and eco-economics system) is the basic organizing scale for oasis study.3. The bidirectional synergetic successions of ecosystem and economic system are the key mechanism, which can be differentiated 4 quadrants and 6 kinds.4. Oasis stability means the stability of oasis system rather than the stability of oasis ecosystem and, its 3 connotations are the indemnificatory of ecological base, the dynamical ability of economic system and, the holism of the eco-economics system.System coupling is the basic approach of oasis positive direction succession and space-structure is key coupling node. The form of crisscross coordinates (FCC) is more stable and efficient for the oasis eco-economics system.The results of the evaluation of Fukang oasis stability, followed as:1) during 1992 and 2002, the stability of Fukang oasis is increased lentamente2) Fukang oasis system is unstable before 1998, the stability on 2002 is unconstant because the stability ind...
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