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Research On Mechanism Of Growth Pole Of Hi-tech Industry

Posted on:2006-02-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152489875Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The hi-teehs and hi-tech industries standing for the contemporary advanced pr oductivity have become the main force driving the world economy. Thus, nations all over the world are competing to develop hi-tech industries and foster hi-tech growth poles. Therefore, Chinese government posted the strategic decision of developing hi -techs and actualizing industrialization and established 53 hi-tech industry develop ment zones of national level. As a result, it will be of theoretical and practical signifi cance to study the formation mechanism of hi-tech industry growth pole.The thesis applies such theories as development economics, technical economic s, industrial economics as well as the system theory in studying the formation and de velopment mechanism of the hi-tech industry growth pole. It first defines the conce pt of hi-tech industry growth pole. Then, it expounds its connotation, features and r oles. It also summarizes the present situation of Chinese hi-tech industry. Through analyzing the growth pole system of hi-tech industry as well as its main factors like production factor and environmental factor, it discusses the development function, service function, radiation function and societal function of the hi-tech industry gro wth pole. It points out that the hi-tech industry growth pole system has natures of in tegrity, intention, pertinence, self-organization and dynamics. Beginning with the a pocalypse of Silicon Valley, it dissertates the conditions of forming hi-tech industry growth and then puts forward the general law of the formation of hi-tech industry gr owth pole. It stresses the significant role of entrepreneurs in the formation of growth pole and studies the forming process. Through profound analysis of the logical sequence of technical innovation, corporate innovation, industrial innovation and finally industrial clustering, it discovers the inner mechanism of the formation of the hi-tech industry pole. It puts forward the concept of the poled industry and expounds its connotation and its selection principles, selection criteria and selection direction. On the basis of analyzing the diffusion mechanism of hi-tech industry growth pole, it concludes that the substance of its diffusion is development, that is, it is the unity of its own development and regional economic development. Through research on the diffusion contents of hi-tech industry growth pole, probes into the forms of technical diffusion, industrial diffusion and regional diffusion as well as the related laws. Through research on hi-tech's reforming traditional industries, it puts forward countermeasures of reformation. Through research on governmentalbehaviors in hi-tech industry growth pole, it narrates the significances of governmental functional roles in fostering hi-tech industry growth pole. It analyzes the governments plan function, supply function, adjustment function and service function. Then it profoundly studies the governmental role in hi-tech industry growth pole in such respects as industrial policy, investment policy, finance and tax policy, personnel policy and governmental purchase policy. It puts forward governmental measures to facilitate hi-tech industry growth pole. Through research on evaluation system of hi-tech industry growth pole, it puts forward that to design the evaluation index system must follow five principles -scientificity, entirety and generality, symbolicness and simplicity, feasibility and practicability, comparability and reliability. It designs the structural frame of evaluating indexes. In addition, by means of optimal decorticating method, nerve net method and main element analysis method, it establishes the evaluation model to comprehensively assess Chinese hi-tech industry growth pole. Through authentic analysis of Chinese hi-tech industry growth pole, it analyzes in detail the possibility if fostering Wuhan hi-tech industry growth pole and gives the corresponding measures as well.The thesis provides a theoretical frame for hi-tech industry as well as its growth pole, which will be of both theoret...
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