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The Value Managing Of Non-performing Loan In Chinese Commercial Bank: Mechanism And Methods

Posted on:2005-07-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152955728Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The first, the paper presents the issue that non-performing loan(NPL) value management, that is a component of value management of commercial bank, should be used in commercial bank. The mechanism of NPL value management is: under the restriction of value standard and the support coming from in-or-outside, the commercial bank conscientiously re-evaluates and recalls the NPL maximally, by the methods of distinguishing, evaluating, and disposing, as well as by the exchange between the investor and the bank, consequently, makes the effort of NPL value management accorded with the commercial bank demand for long-term development.The second, the distinguishing and evaluating methods of NPL, and disposing have been researched. The NPL's distinguishing method is different form that of general loan. The grey- relating analysis method can distinguish the sort of NPL accurately. The NPL's evaluating method is still restricted by open-market hypothesis and some special principle, but the open-market hypothesis has duality. The 3-layer fuzzy back-propagation neural net model can accurately evaluate the NPL's value relatively. The bank need apply multiplicity strategy in NPL's treating in order to recall the NPL as more as it can. The choice of strategy will be influenced by factors of environment, disposing capability and the NPL's value characteristic. The technique of loan-sale can be used in NPL's treating, but it's restricted by some condition.The third, the concept of "transaction costs" is applied in the process, in which the reason why bank chose different management model is analyzed. The issue is so called "value-duty department" can be setup in state-owned commercial bank.
Keywords/Search Tags:bank NPL, value management, mechanism, method
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