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The Study On The Setting Mode Of Reservoir Rural Immigrant In China

Posted on:2005-01-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152955733Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The key factors that restrict the development of reservoir immigrant are large population and a few land. We put in practice the setting mode linking rural immigrant in Chinese reservoirs with the urban, in order to share the hydroelectric project benefit as, immigrants can not only return to their farm, but also engage in and develop other trades in small towns. Based on the conclusion and comparison of the allocation mode of reservoir immigrants in both China and other countries, I have explored its theoretical, method and applied system all round and also have done some actual researchin writing my dissertation.1. According to the objective connection between the developing goal of the reservoir area and the setting mode of rural immigration of the reservoir. Having analyzed four kinds of possible developing goal of the reservoir area, I have regarded sustainable developing goal as the best choice, thus I have put forward a new setting mode for rural immigrants in Chinese reservoir -the mode linking rural immigrant in Chinese reservoir with the urban, and I have also proposed we should take this kind of mode as the strategic way of the setting mode for the reservoir immigrant in new century.2. In constructing the setting mode linking rural immigrant in Chinese reservoir with the urban, based on the systematic plan for surplus land resource in reservoir area, and also from the resource value shift theory of the flooded reservoir areas and general systematic theory, I have put forward the operation method that sharing the benefits of hydroelectric project with the reservoir immigrants, I have also done systematic research in setting up the compensative mechanism of transferring stake relation between the flooded reservoir areas and the hydroelectric project benefited areas. Besides, by using living examples, I have done some analysis as well.3. As for carrying out and managing the mode 1 have mentioned above, on the basis of researching the precision of investigating the quantity of the land pulled down in controlling the investment of reservoir immigration, we could make optimizing choice to choose the town setting place for the reservoir immigration by quoting multiattribute effectiveness theory. In order to solve the social controlling problem in the progress of mobilizing the rural reservoir immigration to remove, I have used the social controlling theory to do some detailed analysis for the bias behavior and social control means in the removing process of reservoir immigration. Being directed at the controlling problem of progress, quality and investment in rebuilding reservoir immigrants system, I have brought up the thought of "3-D" linkage supervision and control.4. From the economics intension of human capital theory and human resources development and its function for the reservoir economic development. I analyzed the structure of rural immigrant's human resources system in Chinese reservoir area, setting up rural immigrant's investment and education and training system of the reservoir area rural and a set of effective leading structure and operating mechanisms. And also I proposed that we must insist on the wholly principle and five route choices of rural immigrant's human resources development in the setting mode linking the urban and rural areas.5. Based on the theory of rural social security, I put forward a community social security mode-"from duality to three-dimension's multi aspects" for the small towns rural immigrations. 1 also assumed to set up rural immigrant's minimum life security. I analyzed the government 'sresponsibility in constructing security systems for the setting mode linking the urban and rural areas.Performances assess for the mode. I proposed the job category of the performance assess in immigration setting and the "3 pieces theory" of the reservoir immigrant's social and economic monitor and assess, the rational index system frame in assessing the performance of the setting mode linking the urban and rural areas, besides I have done some research using the and "gray" pred...
Keywords/Search Tags:Reservoir immigrant, the linkage in urban and rural areas, the setting mode, human resources development, share the benefits, community security
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