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Study On Sustainable Development Of The Regional Land In The Old Reservoir

Posted on:2006-03-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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When mankind investigates the human survival and development in 21 centuries, the poverty is a problem to perplex the world still. China has started to help poverty-stricken peoples since 1986, but many allocating immigrant area of the big and medium-sized irrigation and electric works are still facing serious predicament, such as poverty-stricken peoples increasing, the slow-increasing economy, the lowly competence of manpower, little basic facilities, unstable entironment, and so on, because of its special state of our nation. This not only affected coordination development between the economy and social, and the stability of the government in the poverty region, but also it would attenuate the economy sustainable development capability in the whole national. The main body of the poverty is the human, so poverty should be the poverty of the person or social community. The poverty is the person's development right to realize shortage or not to be realized. The person's development right is various diverse, so the standard of measure poverty is various, including economic, social and cultural standards. Today, the land resources factor has become the " bottleneck" to the poverty village develop in reservoir immigrant setting area. Sustainable development requests the certain resources, especially farmland resources closely-related with human survival. In order to realize the land sustainable exploitation, it is an important path that sustainable exploitation of agricultural resources. To realize the sustainable development of agriculture and village, we must increase land productivity and economic benefit, protect the nature landscape and improve stability of the environmental ecosystem. As a kind of bran-new view, sustainable development view has be acceptedby more and more people.The old reservoir is a concept comparing with reservoir area today. The old reservoir was formation at the 50's to 70's planned economy period of our country. Owing to nation finance difficulty at that time, the subsidizing budget of moving and settling immigrant is very little, so the majority immigrant had been allocated to nearby region of the old reservoir. Moreover, foundation facilities could not be established in time, therefore the living and agriculture production of the immigrant is very difficult. The worse physical geography environment and went short of nature resources are the main reasons resulting in the poverty of old reservoir peoples. In the end, the peoples in the old reservoir sank into " the bad physical environment------poverty------exploitation the resources with random------the worse resource and environment------the more poverty " of" the poverty trap" but hard to pull out. To realize the sustainability of the antipoverty and keeping harmoniousness between the population, resources and environment in the old reservoir, it is the most important that breaking the vicious cycle between the poverty and environmental ecosystem and exploiting sufficiently resources potential of old reservoir. According to the special characteristics of the old reservoir, this research studied systematically makeup of the land resources, the evolvement of the soil quantity, the entironment and the environment population capacity of old reservoir in Szechwan province, then brought forward the particular methods that realizes sustainable development of the antipoverty and protection environment in the old reservoir.1.Studying the evolvement of the soil quantity in reservoir area. Aim of the research is how to keep and increase soil fertility by artificial measure. Soil texture is the soil inherent quality. Majority soil texture of reservoir area belongs to silty loam. The most content is sand particle (1-0.05 mm) containing 242.2''~794.2"'; average value is 414.3"1; and the variation coefficient is 42.3%. The second is the silt (0.05-0.005 mm) contains"1; average value is 375.6"1; and variation coefficient is 27.9%. The third is the clay (O.005 mm) containing 82.3-336.8"\ and average value is 210.1"'. The least is the fine clay (O.001 mms) containing only 94.9"'. All rates of silt vs clay are above 1(1.14-2.71). Physical clay (<0.01 mm) that having aggregation capability is less than 50%, so aggregation between soil particles is very weak. Therefore, reservoir area soil is so loosen to good tilth, and farming time is long. However, anti-erosion and the protecting moisture and nutrient ability of the reservoir area soil are weak, so soil erosion is serious.The organic matter quantity of all reservoir area soil is very low, and the organic matter is below 10.0"'in the new-exploited soil. The organic matter quantity had been improved by fertilizing organism fertilizer 45000 kg each hectare every year. After 2 years, activity humus (humic acids) has been increased 4.00% and 2.87% in sandy soil and shiguzhi soil respectively. The quantity of total nitrogen and cation exchanger capacity were increasing with organic matter increasing. But the effective potassium and phosphorus had not increasing obviously. The releasing quantity of fixed phosphorus had not increasedwith increasing of fixed phosphorus quantity. The lag phenomenon also reflected the characteristics of the slow-releasing phosphorus. Thus we should enhance the dosages of phosphate and potassium.2.The old reservoir can be used as district of a typical researching conversion model. (1) The constituting and distributing of land utilization types are the produce of interacting between district land utilization subsystem, social and economic subsystem and environment subsystem. (2) The land utilization subsystem was effected mainly by the land of submerging, taking over and taking up with immigrant in the reservoir area. (3) Despite there has the very big relativity between farmland quantity and pure income each people according to economic development level and mainly economic income in the reservoir area, but they could reflect the social economic condition in reservoir area from different sides. (4) The ecosystem environment condition is worse in the reservoir area. The paddy field ecosystem and the forestry cash crop fruit tree ecosystem nearby the reservoir area are relative healthy, but the area is very less. (5) Many researchers thought that the engineering coerce is macroscopic background to drive land utilization variety in the reservoir area, but it is the real driving factor that the various of the human culture landscape of immigrant resulted from this engineering, include the population increase, tradition, religion, mental state and anticipation to economic develop after immigrating etc.. (6) It is the important factor to result in variety of relationship between the land and population that population increase quickly in the reservoir area. The religion of immigrant influences constituting and distributing of land utilization types in a certain extent, which is the most important power to keep the stabilization of constituting and distributing of land utilization in reservoir area.3. It has an important significance to map out immigrating and settling plan of the immigrant and put the programs of immigrating and settling in practice that researching the environment population capacity. There has remarkable relative between choosing the immigrant allocating district, putting programs of immigrating and settling into practice and immigrating people living while building big water electric works. It was propitious to select setting area of immigrants and fulfil the programs of immigrants that the researching relationship of the quantity of every kind of resources and environment population capacity in a particular environment, such as immigrating district. To a given district, the quantity of immigrant lies on the quantity of every kind resources owned by this district. It is the key place of the programming how to quantitative and which immigrate to need to be proceeded to move again. The person mean of farmland area is below 0.0333 hm2 in this research district, especially, some person possesses only the 0.0133 hm2, therefore, original immigrant to move again is very necessary. At the same time, the living level of immigrant can reflect really by the economic income but land resource quantity. This research provided the new method to calculate population capacity in immigrating district, which have the guidance function to smoothly progress of the allocation work.
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