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Research On China's Economic Sustainable Development

Posted on:2006-04-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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China has entered the new development stage of all out construction of well-off society and quickening the driving forward of socialist modernization. To basically implement industrialization is either the important content of all out construction of well-off society, or the essential prerequisites in implementing modernization. No matter to implement industrialization or implement modernization, the sustainable development track must be followed up. For the purpose of elaborating China's economic sustainable development issue, firstly a certain basic analysis toward economic sustainable development should be conducted. Sustainable development is to mean that to satisfy the demand of current generation people, but no harm would be formed by the development to later generation people's demand satisfactory. The sustainable development is geological sustainable development, economic sustainable development, and social sustainable development, and the organic unification of the former three concepts, and the sustainable development is established on the foundations of ecological sustainable and economic sustainable, and social sustainable developments, and a coordinated development between economy and society, and between people and nature. Economic sustainable development is standing at the core center in the sustainable development systems. The economic sustainable development is designated as, the economy of a nation, by meeting the prerequisites of maintaining natural resources quality and quantity, and either satisfying the demand of current era economic development, or not harming later generations economic development demanded course or status. The substance of economic sustainable development is: the economic development cannot surpass the load carrying capability of resources and environment, and that's to say, economy should be develop coordinately with resources. The basic national condition of population resources environment, and economy development in its rapid phase, and China's developing meeting with the time of globalization, all of the above have formed the objective grounds of China's economic sustainable development. The economic sustainable development has not only the characteristics of productivity, but also the characteristics of productive relationship. The economic sustainable development includes the relationship of people and nature, e.g. the substantial transmission between people and nature, and this is the course of laborers creation of substance fortune by exploiting natural rich resources, and therefore, it belongs to the concept of productivity; while economic sustainable development includes, as well, the relationship among population, resources, and environment, plus the relationship among regions, municipals and townships, and they all belong to the concept of productive relationship. However, as speaking to the property of productive relationship of economic sustainable development, it is lined in concrete productive relationship, but not basic productive relationship. And therefore, it is not in line with the social foundational economic systems. Capitalism has ever acutely increased the worsening of resources environment, while socialism system can promote the optimization of resources environment. Via insistingpeople as the capital, and establishing all out, coordinated, and sustainable development viewpoint, is the theoretical guidance of China's economic sustainable development. To live in rich environment, to develop production, and to follow civilized development track of excellent ecology, is the practical target of China's economic sustainable development; while to promote and implement peoples all out development is the rooted target of China's implementing economic sustainable development. In studying China's economic sustainable development, the ancestors'theory of economic sustainable development must be sources explored and analyzed. There existed important differences between the theory of economic sustainable development of Marxist classical authors and the theory of economic sustainable development of western economists. Marx and Engles had deeply elaborated the substantial transmission relationship between people and nature, and the interior existed linkage between social productivity and natural productivity, and the developmental relationship between economical reproduction and natural reproduction, and exposed the general relationship of economic sustainable development; and at the mean time, the social system obstacles toward the economic sustainable development under capitalist conditions had been especially pointed out. During the development courses of western economic sciences, classical economists had related the relationships of land and economy, population and economy, and environment and economy in studying economic growth, while modern economists in studying economic development, clearly point out that, the limited resources environment is the utmost limitation of economic growth, while the coordinated economy of ecology and society, is stabilized status economy. Before 1980s, 20th century, that's the preliminary and fore intermediate stages of China's industrializations, at the time of obtaining enormous economic development achievements in its national economy, very seriousresources wastes, ecological damage, and environment pollution were caused. In the 1990s, China's industrialization was in its intermediate stage, the state had formulated and implemented the development strategy of economic sustainable development. And since the implementation of economic sustainable development strategy, apparent proficiency in economic sustainable development had achieved, and the control of the relationship of population and economy had been achieved, and the natural resources exploitation proficiency had been elevated up, and the environment protection investment had been quickly increased, and the ecological environment construction results were apparent, and the environmental policy system was initially formed. But, because of China's per capita resources are lower than that of the average world level, together with, it is in the quickening driving forward of industrialization development stage, plus the transition of economic systems, and the restricted factors existed in the development modes transition period, and in the economic structure regulations, are difficultly to be removed, China's implementation of economic sustainable development is facing rigorous challenge like sustainable and gigantic population pressures, and relatively shortage of natural resources, the not restraining of worsening ecology, and still serious environment pollution, and etc. Before 1960s, 20th century, in the industrialization courses, the western developed countries implemented an economic unsustainable development mode, characterized as resources over consumption accompanying economic development, and ecological environment damages, as well. Since 1970s, western developed countries have entered the transition period to economic sustainable development from economic unsustainable development. And after 1990s, the western developed countries stated the implementations of economic sustainable development, characterized as coordinated developmentof economic growth, environment improvement, and resources saving. The deeds adopted by western developed countries in implementing economic sustainable development, like, the environmental industries and environment affection evaluation, in the United States of America, and environmental investment system and circulating economy, in Japan, and environment management measures and environment technology, in Germany, and as well as in the Netherlands, the ecological taxes collection system and environment costs information, have all given China referent significances to its economic sustainable development. The scientific development viewpoint of taking people as the capital, all out, and coordinated and sustainable development, is the activity guidance to China's economic sustainable development; and the control toward its populations, the saving and protection of resources, the strengthening of ecological construction, the administering of environment pollution, are the contents of its sustainable development strategy, which is also the systematic guarantee toward China's economic sustainable development. The development of circulating economy can realize the fundamental transformation of economic development modes, and so as to quickening new type industrialization progress, assuring the all out construction of well-off society, and appropriating to the demands by economy and environment globalization. Enterprises are the cells of modernized national economy. Only the implementation of modern enterprises'sustainable development can make the implementation of the sustainable development of the whole society. The key of economic sustainable development lies at the structural economic sustainable development micro main body. Therefore, those concrete paths of under the guidance of scientific development viewpoint, and implementing sustainable development strategy, perfecting socialist market economic systems, and via developing circulating economy, optimizing economic...
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