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The Systems Of Supervision And Checks & Balances

Posted on:2007-01-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360182991427Subject:Legal history
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The practices of supervision and checks & balances were the products of political and legal civilization from the different kinds of culture of ancient China and medieval England. Varied as their political systems, cultural traditions, outside frameworks and inner working mechanisms were, the systems of supervision and checks & balances exerted a prominent and efficient influence to the regimes'operation of ancient China and medieval England, and catered for the pursuit of the political values of the ancient Chinese and English nations. Despite of the fact that evolution of the history and the variation of the political system made it impossible for the systems of supervision and checks & balances to be transplanted directly into the current construction of the political and legal system, the effective mechanism of the two systems in regulating the power's working and safeguarding the realization of the power's efficiency will provide significant reference and exemplary effect to China's current constitutional construction. This dissertation endeavors to research into the differences of the systems of supervision and checks & balances of ancient China and medieval England in their historical evolutions, systems of power controlling and processes of working, and makes a comparison on the fulfillment of the values in their practices of power controlling, so as to abstract experiences and lessons efficient to the human's power controlling.In this dissertation, there are six chapters as follows:The first chapter of"the basic concept and research plan on power controlling"presents rigid definition to some concepts relevant to power controlling, by which the object and approach of power controlling are restricted to the state's power and controlling among powers. According to this definition, the systems of power controlling include supervision and checks & balances; the system of supervision in ancient China and the system of checks & balances in medieval England are regarded as two typical patterns of power controlling in the ancient societies. In this dissertation, the methods of historical comparison, institutional and systematic and political analysis are adapted, so as to compare and analyze these two patterns of power controlling from several orientations and angles.
Keywords/Search Tags:power controlling, supervision, checks & balances, ancient China, medieval England, comparative study of legal history
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