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China's Foreign Aid Research

Posted on:2007-12-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185476316Subject:International politics
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Foreign Aid is a political & economic phenomenon in the international relations for a long time. Foreign Aid dominated by the developed countries has gradually institutionalized and become an important content in the North - South relationship after the Second World War. Almost all countries are closely related with Foreign Aid on the international stage nowadays. Therefore, the study on Foreign Aid can further deepen the knowledge of the present international relations.Foreign Aid has been an indispensable component of Chinese diplomacy and the important content of Chinese international obligation after the establishment of PRC. The study on Chinese Foreign Aid is not only conducive to the profound knowledge of the important role of Foreign Aid in coordinating with Chinese diplomacy and maintaining China's national interests, but conducive to the promotion of Chinese civilians' understanding and support to Chinese Foreign Aid, as well as points out some suggestions to the Chinese Foreign Aid in the future. What's more, it can do well to the deepening of the study on Chinese diplomacy, especially on the relations between China and the developing countries.Until now, though there have been some achievements on this topic home and abroad, entirety and systematic nature obviously lack yet, and there are no books on this topic in China. Therefore, it's necessary to probe into this field and the author is dedicated to have a try.The dissertation is about Chinese Foreign Aid, ranging from 1950 to the date of the dissertation completed in 2006. On the basis of others' achievements, the author comprehensively examines the history of Chinese Foreign Aid, analyses its success and failure in the past decades, and puts forward some suggestions for Chinese Foreign Aid in the future. In the dissertation, the author applies several research methods, such as historical data analysis, comparative analysis, and statistical analysis.The dissertation consists of introduction , eight chapters and conclusion.In the introduction, the author explains the research value of the topic from the significance and study state quo home and abroad. Moreover, the author introduces the research methods, and innovations on data and opinion.The first chapter is about the defining of the concept and the study on theories related. After introducing and analyzing the existed concept of Foreign Aid home and...
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreign Aid, Chinese Diplomacy, National Interests, Ideology, Economic Cooperation
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