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Research Into Reforming The System Of Administrative License In China

Posted on:2006-07-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:A P GuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185478789Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Administrative License is an indispensable system for existence and development of one society. In order to match with time it has to be innovated according to the need of society and economy. In China reforming the system of administrative license is started under a circumstance where reformation is needed and the condition is unbalanced. Even we have achieved much success, it is still in a situation with wandering in advance for lack of reasonable design on system and clear supporting theories. And at present the international and national circumstances are compelling us to intensify the reformation of administrative license system. This essay uses essential principal of administrative law and administrative science,politics,economics and other relative knowledge, and adopts comparative, legal positivism, reference and other researching ways to do comprehensive research. And it pays more attention to macroscopic construction of intensifying the reformation of administrative license system and analysis on its approach. The essay has five chapters.The first chapter is about theoretical analysis of administrative license. This chapter asserts administrative license is an administrative processing conduct that the administrative organ, according to the apply of private party, examines legally and declares the private party to have specified right,freedom or some qualification. Administrative license is not only a mode of conduct, but is a kind of law system. Administrative license involves reasonable adjustment of right and power, government and market, and public interest and private interest. And the chapter analyzes the function and role of administrative license, and the elements which limit it to play its role.The second chapter is about surveying the reformation of administrative license system. This chapter analyzes the present situation of administrative license in China, the reasons of reforming and the characters of reforming administrative license system. It asserts that intensifying the reformation is imperative by reviewing the experience of reformation and analyzing the gain-loss of legislation on administrative license.The third chapter is about referring the experience of administrative reformation abroad. This chapter analyzes the practice of administrative reformation in America, Japan,Korea,England,New Zealand,Australia, countries in European land,Soviet...
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative License, Installment of Administrative License, Implementation of Administrative License, Innovation of Administrative System, Establishment of Supporting System
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