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Contemporary Explainations Of Marx's Social Communication Theory

Posted on:2007-12-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360185958017Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The communication is an ancient old but novel topic. The communication is a proper existence method of society of mankind, if have no society communication, have no material production labor, also for no one's creation, existence and developments, also have no various civilization mutually alternately with postpone the difference. The world that is nowadays is a world of communication; the communication is an outstanding existence state of contemporary mankind."Society once have the demand on the technique, then this kind of need and then will compare 10 universities and even can push science to make headway", Same, the development of the society once there is the demand to the Marxist communication theory lead will compare 10 universities and even can push the Marxism to make headway. Develop continuously and forward of because, Marxist is a science first, and is science of a"the history philosophy"property, its important pit inside the theory only the thing history view, also is along with the fulfillment of the history and ages.The Marx thinks the society communication the theory is a Marxist society philosophy of importance constitutes the part. The Marx thinks the station position in the proletariat benefits, Carried on to global"society communication"problem at that time historic and the investigation research that actuality mutually unify, make the communication theory that Marx think constitute the foundation that the history was only the owner righteousness.The Marx thinks the direct theory source of the social communication thought is a modern capitalism the social communication thought of the society, mainly include the communication thought, the communication thought of the French philosopher of 18 centuries and the communication thought of the German philosopher of 19 centuries of the British philosopher of 17 centuries. The Marx thinks the development process of the social communication theory and can generalize thinks the social communication for the Marx theory of foundation, the Marx thinks the development...
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