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Loan Fraud And Its Legal Control

Posted on:2007-10-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D F WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185972615Subject:Economic Law
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The core point of view in this thesis is that loan fraud is a phenomenon of marketing being out of control due to lacking systems, which also lay in information dissymmetry field; a kind of unfair financial resource deployment behavior, which is damaging social public benefit. Thus, in order to maintain effective fair marketing order, economic law should be the weapon of the law for intervention in the country, which control loan fraud systematically, comprehensively and lawfully. To control loan fraud legally, the chief task is to solve transaction security information dissymmetry problem effectively, while build up system and efficiency point of view in precaution and controlling loan fraud aspects. This thesis interpret the general theory and practice problems in loan fraud and its legal control from the angle of economic law systematically and comprehensively. The biggest feature is this thesis is that the tight combination with theory and practice, the leading research route stem from the problems which concerns social reality carry out the whole thesis. The study purpose and direction in this thesis is that try to construct comparatively consummate law frame in anti-loan fraud and put forward clear workable route to solve problems.The whole thesis can be divided into four chapters. Chapter I and chapter II are bivariate analysis in reality and worth of loan fraud problems; chapter III study system construction, which consists game theory with chapter IV, leading to solve problems; article II in chapter IV-reconstruction in law controlling system of loan fraud is summarization and sublimation of various systems in chapter III.Chapter I Theory definition and phenomenon analysis in loan fraud. Chapter I is combined with phenomena and construction theory of loan fraud, which can be divided into two parts. Part I defined concept definition in study, then to analyze and discuss its structure and theory assortment; part II analyze phenomena in reality in loan fraud which including the current features, damage maybe occurred and reasons of happening.Loan fraud is one kind of deceiving behavior to defraud loans intentionally, possess loans or escape responsibility of repaying loans in the transaction process such as investigation, examination and grant in business banking loans, which also lay in the managing process after granting loans. This article point out that loan fraud is one typical information dissymmetry phenomenon by information economy knowledge and information dissymmetry theory. The main component factors can...
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