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New Communist Party Of China Political Party Diplomacy, Research, Theory And Practice

Posted on:2007-07-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360185976285Subject:International politics
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As a diplomatic behavior on a kind of broad sense, political party diplomacy refers to the connection and association the political party of a country makes with the legal political parties of other sovereign states and international organizations of political parties under the guidance of the overall national diplomatic strategy to safeguard the national benefit and promote relations with other countries. From the day of establishing, the Communist Party of China (CPC) associated with Comintern, the international organization of Communist Parties of various countries, the political party diplomacy of the CPC in the real meaning, however, refers to contacts the CPC has made in the capacity of the ruling party with different political parties of other countries since the foundation of the People's Republic of China. After more than 50 years of advancing by fumbling, especially the latest 20 more years, the contacts of the CPC has got considerable development in such aspects as the range, the contents and the way, and progressively formed in practice the new theory of party diplomacy with the four principles guiding party relationship as the core, which has a realistic, directive significance for the CPC to develop the contacts with the political parties of other countries in the new century.The thesis aims at probing into the forming process and the contents of the theory of party diplomacy of the CPC in the new period and then analyzing the prospects of party diplomacy of the CPC in the new century. Firstly, the thesis analyzes the rising of the contemporary diplomacy of the political party and its reason in terms of diplomacy and the international political science, pointing out that political party diplomacy is different from the external contacts of the political party and the relations of the general meaning, its subjects, contents and purposes are all particular, and it is a new behavior way of diplomacy arising with the political party becoming the actor of international relations, popularization of political party politics and the development of modern diplomacy after the World War II. In the contemporary era, there exist numerous factors promoting the political party as a non-state actor getting involved in the field of diplomacy, among which the need of domestic politics, national benefit, political party ideology, the global issue are the outstanding ones. In consideration of the political party's unique position in the political life the state and its influence and function in the formulation and execution of the foreign policy, more and more countries begin to regard political party diplomacy as a means of implementing their diplomatic strategies. Therefore political party diplomacy has become an important component of the overall of national diplomacy.After analyzing the concept and the rising of political party diplomacy and the reason, the thesis proposes the proposition that the CPC has already formed a relatively integrated theory of political party diplomacy, and proves it from the aspects of thought base, realistic basis, concrete contents and practice achievements. The thesis points out that Marxist thought of party relationship is the thought base of...
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