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A Study Of CPC's Theory And Practice Of Political Modernization

Posted on:2007-01-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:A Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360212456670Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Modernization is a great change of human civilization and its transformations involve all fields and every aspect of human life. It is comprised of eight fundamental systems, that is, the economic modernization, political modernization, urbanization, technological modernization, lifestyle modernization, modernization of social structure, modernization of organizational management, and human modernization. When a state commences political modernization, and how it harmonizes economic development, which are quite complicated practical problems. As part of the whole social modernization, political modernization is of vital significance to it, and any state can not round the process of political modernization. Since its foundation, the communist party of China (CPC) has had a clear direction of political modernization, and theoretically and practically exerted great effort to realize Chinese modernization and political modernization. Especially after becoming the party in power, during CPC furthers industrialization and modernization, it has been outlining the blueprint of political modernization.Since political modernization is an important issue which involves many subjects, this dissertation will, under the guidance of dialectic materialism and historical materialism, apply the research methods of many subjects, such as, politics, party historiography, historiography, sociology and economics, and demonstrate the CPC's theory of political modernization from six aspects. The main contents of each chapter are summarized as follows:The first chapter compares, analyzes and defines pertinent concepts and categories, such as, modernization, political modernization, political civilization and political development, which are involved in the study of political modernization. Furthermore, it concisely appraises the fundamental thought of Marxist political modernization and Chinese and foreign students'studies on political modernization. These are important issues bearing on the dissertation's arguments and its basis of study.The second chapter particularly traces the process of Chinese political modernization. It begins with CPC's original understanding and practice of political modernization. Since the foundation of the new China, the political modernization can be divided into five stages: the good outset of political modernization, its zigzag development in exploration, its grave setbacks, its resumption and advancement and its new complexion in the socialist market economy system. Seen from the whole tendency, China quickly develops toward the aim of political modernization.The third chapter mainly probes the background or necessity of Chinese political modernization. First, it summarizes and analyzes Chinese recent achievements and problems in political construction. Then it sets forth the urgencies of contemporary Chinese political...
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