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On Employment Equity Law

Posted on:2007-03-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360212968481Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Employment equity is one of the most important employment problems in a country. Whether employment equity can be effectively guaranteed is directly related to human rights of employees, realization of social equity, and harmonious development of society. However, employment inequity becomes more and more serious in practice, for we pays much more attention to economic gross increase at all times while ignores necessary attention to employment equity concerned with basic rights of labors in the process of economic increase. But till today, there is little reflection of such problems in both theory and legislation. That's why this thesis focuses on a series of vital problems on employment equity and makes a systematic and comprehensive study. The whole thesis is divided into seven chapters, chapter one is the foreword and details of the rest are as follows:Chapter two mainly studies fundamental concepts and principles of employment equity. It's held that to make clear what employment equity is, first of all, is to clarify definitions of equity, employment, and employment equity respectively, which decides basic category of employment equity. Thus, section one makes an analysis of those three concepts. It's concluded that equity is a sort of harmonious and mutually beneficial social equity based on full respect for individual interests. To realize social equity, three basic principles must be followed, which are desert, need and equality. Employment is a relatively broad concept containing both employees'employment and their working conditions. Employment itself is not merely confined to enterprises'employing behavior, but also includes that of employing units including public agencies. Knowledge of employment equity is based on defining concepts of equity and employment. Employment equity is thought to be basic human rights of employees according with principles of desert, need and equality. Section two analyzes concepts of employment equity, freedom and efficiency and their relationship among each other. Although employment freedom and efficiency shows important values, they still have to comply with value of equality, and their reasonableness and necessity can only be proved on the basis of equality.Chapter three demonstrates functions of market, government, and rule of law, and roles they play separately when guaranteeing equity. Above all, section one introduces basic theories of market's ineffectiveness, at the same time points out that employment...
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