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Administrative Decentralization Vision, The Construction Of The Local Responsible Government

Posted on:2008-03-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360212985765Subject:Ethnic political science
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Responsible government is a government model responsible for the citizens, which is not only an administrative idea, but a system arrangement as well as a basic direction and common pursuit of each government reform and development in the modern world. In terms of the government nature, for people is the essential attribution of China's government which implies the essence of responsibility government. However, as a system arrangement, it is still a goal in the process of pursuit and improvement, especial for the establishment of market economy system which brings the society's reaching-shift in every aspect, the reinforcement of social democracy, the enhancement of public democratic awareness and etc. Meanwhile it also makes the administrative reform of discentralization the inevitable choice of our government reform because the administrative model of highly-centralized power hasn't adapted to the requirement of real social development.Studying the local responsible government in this background, the paper has three reasons, the first is to clarify the power and responsibility relations between the local and the state so as to change the traditional model in which local government is regarded as the subordinate or derived institution and the unclear situation on power and responsibility relations between the state and the local .By doing this the local can fullyplay its complete function as a first-class government to promote the rapid development of local economy and society. The second is to restore the subject-object reversed relations between the public and the government through analyzing the original relations between the government power and the public rights which makes the government's role transform gradually from the single governor to the server ,the administrative model transform from the "power-centered" to "the responsibility-centered" ,the public rights and interests standard and restrict the government power and responsibility so that it can raise the responsibility awareness that local government serves for people to protect and realize the public's rights and interests to the largest extent.The last is to make up the deficiency of our responsible government .Although the study has drawn the common attention in academic circles, its object lacks classification, here the government is considered as a whole concept, there the center becomes a main analytic frame.In my opinion, under the system of class management, the state's main responsibility is specifically carried out and implemented by the local ,therefore, the situation of local responsibility is the direct basis and guarantee which carried out effectively the center responsibility .Thus, to study the responsible government ,above all, we should care about the local government .the writer regards the local government as the studyobject and pays close attention to the influence on the government responsibility brought by differences of the local administrative circumstance, and gives the local government the correspond autonomy in the basis of equal power and responsibility to make it establish, according to the real development, the power- responsibility relations between the local government and market and society, definite the responsibility content and limit and fully plays its leading function as a local "meta-governing main body " to guarantee the cooperative operation of the multi-governing power of government in local society.This paper's analysis, mainly standing the point from bottom to top, uses the consignation and agent theory and the standard method separately as its mains analytic tool and method and reveals the inner logical relations among the government power and responsibility and public rights through analyzing the original relations between the government power and public rights. And then it points out that the government's meta- responsibility is to protect and realize the public rights and interests in the maximum, and further realizes the social equity and justice. All the other government duties are its specification insistently and realization and derivation. In questioning the theory on government power and duty relations, I analyze the logic and meaning of "power- responsibility -consistency" which makes theoretical preparations for constructing duty government. Going through the basicprinciple, the paper stands out the function of restraint and guidance of public rights and interests on government power and responsibility, and sees it as the basic frame of constructing the local duty government, the content as follows:Firstly, on the basis of analyzing the social circumstance and system background constructed by local responsible government, combined with the whole change of administrative circumstance and the local government's specialty during our shift. The paper establishes the value and goal system insisting on the value that public interests are up most. Secondly, t reflects the various reasons causing the government responsibility's deficiency on the basis of analyzing the theory and demonstration on the responsibility operation of local government. Thirdly, on the basis of defining the original relations between the public and the government and combining the background of social structure during the shift, I redefine the local government's power- responsibility limit and range and construct the multi-network of social management on government market and society to turn the all-round government into the limited one and break the government monopolized power-centered. Doing this not only lessens the stress of over-loaded government responsibility, but is beneficial for improving the government's serving attitude and raising the responsibility effectiveness; Lastly, on analyzing the government responsibility's role as main body ,the paper explores theeffective ways of promoting the local government duty's realization from the following two aspects: one is the responsibility body's soft restraint of independent construction ;the other is the hard restraint of systematic construction on the control mechanism of responsibility.
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