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On The Main Significance Of Administrative Supervision

Posted on:2008-11-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S M LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360215954678Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The restriction about the state power is the eternal subject of politics life. Through the ages, the people have made unremitting efforts in the two fields of practice and theory, which has produced a lot of classical theories and remarkable political practices about the authority surveillance. The executive power contact with social life most widely, its surveillance function whether consummates directly relates whether can the executive power carry on self-surveillance effectively and displays it power fully or not, and also have great effect on operation and function of the state power system, so as to have essential effect on improving the supervisory system of state power and pushing on the political democratization progress. In this article, administrative supervision means the supervision what the administrative subjects enjoy in the state power structure to realize administrative goals, it not only include administrative extroversion surveillance which is produced to supervise other powers on the basis of defend oneself by executive power, but also include administrative introversion surveillance which is produced to fulfill the function goal of executive power.This article has first analyzed the administrative theories and practices in our country ancient times and the western countries. And the author conceded that our traditional administrative supervision and the western countries' administrative supervision both are the crystallization of the human politics civilization, they not only fully manifest the vital role of executive power surveillance, but also have great model significance.Afterwards, the paper has comprehensively studied of the history, the present situation as well as the reform perfect countermeasure of Chinese administrative. This is the key point of the article. Concerned our country' s administrative, this article first carried on a comprehensive analysis to the administrative extroversion surveillance which had not the legal foundation but existed actually. And the author considered that the administrative extroversion surveillance existed or not was decided by the specific state power structure. In the west countries that practicing the separation of powers system, the executive power has the function of supervising the legislative power and judicial power. But in our country in the National People' s Congress system, the administrative extroversion surveillance had not the legal foundation for existing. However, because our country' s National People's Congress system is sill imperfect and so on reasons, the executive power also has some extrovertedsurveillance. This is the important characteristic of administrativesupervision in our country at present stage. The author considered thatthe difference between reality state of the power structure andtheoretical state of the constitutionalism stipulates is the realisticsoil for the administrative extroversion surveillance. And according tothe constitution stipulates straightening out the relations among statepowers is the essential condition to eliminate the administrativeextroversion surveillance. In according with the present situation thatNational People' s Congress authority did not completely turns over to theposition, the author considered that executive power may attempt to carryon the surveillance to National People's Congress's subordinatecommittee' s working routine to guarantee the people' s will realization.As for administrative introversion surveillance, the author consideredthat as the self-restraint of the executive power, it played an importantrole which cannot be substituted for guaranteeing the direction andefficiency of administrative authority movement. And it is the importantconstituent of our country' s authority surveillance system. This articleanalyzed our country's administrative supervision system from threeaspects including the administrative level surveillance, administrativesupervision, audit supervised, and thought they basically adapted thedevelopment need of our country' s politics, economy and society as a whole,and have made tremendous contribution for our country democraticpolitics development. But simultaneously they also have a lot ofinsufficiencies which lied in the surveillance system independence, theauthority and the law necessary and so on, had hindered the display ofadministrative supervision function. According to the present situationof political reform in our country, the article proposed thecountermeasures to reform and consummate our country administrativeoversight system, and thought straightening out state power structure,reforming administrative supervision' s concrete system and consummatingthe related laws were the inevitably choice to consummate our country' sadministrative supervision system.
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