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The Information Age The Ruling Party Building Work In The New Model

Posted on:2009-02-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360242997387Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The information technology revolution which is based on information technology and network technology has had a significant and far-reaching impact on human economic, political, cultural, military and scientific and technological fields. The human society will gradually enter the information age, this is a trend which we must face the reality. The revolution in information technology promotes the progress of the times, in such a great environment, not only people's production and lifestyle will change, but also the ruling party's governance environment and governance conditions have taken tremendous changes. To adapt to these changes, the theory and practice of e-commerce have taken place in the economic field, the e-government theory and practice have taken place in the political field also. From this, the scholars began to study how the political parties in the information age to survive and develop, politicians applied information network technology to the activities of political parties, the aim is to explore how political parties adapt to the changes which the information technology revolution brought about, and as a result the proposition of "e-party" appeared. In simple terms, this article take my party for the study, "E-party" is defined as the new model of the ruling party building work in the information age, the reason why is new, because the advent of the information age has brought the work of party building opportunities, It also brings challenges, the development of e-party is an innovation which the work of party building seize the opportunity to meet the challenges, comply with the ruling party changes in the environment, through the information network technology we will innovate work of party building and improve governance capability, consolidate its ruling status, so that the party always walk in the forefront of the times to maintain the advanced nature, it reflected the party's the spirit of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, advancing with the times.Introduction of the article is divided into four parts, first part is on the origin of the topics and significance of the topics, I identified the topic is under the guidance of instructors, and the combination of my own learning background. The significance lies in deepening the study of e-party's theoretical research to guide the practice of information technology, to strengthen the understanding of the laws of information, to expand the new perspective on scientific socialism ;and the second part is finishing the domestic and international research on e-party situation, in general the study is at the initial stage, though it has achieved some success, the main part of the e-party is inadequate, we need to be pointed out that even foreign political parties have started to applied information network technology to the activities of political parties in the past, but they are just beginning on the study of e-party. E-party is a concept with Chinese characteristics which the corresponding English is the electronic party or cyber party, the literal translation is electronic political parties, but this does not meet the reality of our party, nor the content of this paper, so I choose the word e-party; the third part introduce the study of ideas and the basic methods, the article focuses on the issue of e-party, generally including electronic party "what" and "why" and "how " three-part, using various research methods; the fourth part summarize the article's majority and difficult and innovation.The article's first chapter is divided into three parts, first of all introduce the e-party's historical background, context is the advent of the information age, concrete manifestation as the following three waves: globalization, information and modernization, the three waves will bring opportunities and challenges to the ruling party, and they're the objective basis of developing e-party; secondly we define the basic concepts of e-party, has not yet agreed definition currently, on the basis of a variety of comprehensive definition, this article define e-party as the new model of ruling party building work in the electronic information era, it's the application and innovation of science and technology in the party building field, this section also discusses how the "electronic" and "party affairs" to combine, the traditional party affairs and e-party's relation and the related concept of e-party; finally this chapter introduces the e-party's basic situation of foreign and Chinese practice, because the Western developed countries have taken the lead into the information age, the practice of foreign e-party refers to Western developed countries, it can be seen from the above the situation and problems of these political parties developing e-party, at the same time it provide the relevant reference to CPC, at last we talk about the basic situation of Chinese e-party's practice.The article's second chapter is divided into two parts, respectively about the operation mode and the basic characteristics of e-party, the operation mode of e-party is the technical goal of e-party, we can only understand the operation mode of the e-party to grasp the development of e-party overall, the article structure e-party's operation mode from three aspects as technical basis, distribution structure and operation mode; electronic party's basic feature is the abstract summary of e-party running, the characteristics of information network technology have given e-party basic characteristics, which are timely, interactive, virtual and shared.Chapter three of the article is divided into three parts, exploring the great significance of developing e-party, put it in simple terms is propitious to Chinese information construction and is propitious to maintain the Party's advanced nature and is propitious to enhance the party's governing capability, these is the political objective of e-party. Developing e-party is the inherent requirements of electronic information in our country, on the one hand information promote the birth of e-party, under the information conditions, the socialist market economic construction, the building of democratic politics and advanced culture building and construction of a harmonious society all require e-party, on the other hand e-party also promote the development of Chinese information process, not only expand the use of information resources, but also stimulate the development of information industry, it's a model for information-based society; developing e-party is the important ways of maintaining the Party's advanced nature, from the perspective of political science, the article demonstrate the effect of e-party to keep the party's advanced nature, which are smooth political communication, regulate political participation and promote political decision-making; developing e-party is the necessary means to raise the capacity of ruling party, the ability to govern in the article were divided into social adaptability, ability to integrate interests, political and social capabilities and other aspects, e-party is able to enhance the role they have, the building of the advanced nature and the ability to govern is a main line in the distribution of party building, is the top priority of the work of party building, so the article demonstrate the great significance of e-party from these two areas.Chapter four of the article is divided into two parts, discussing application fields of the e-party and the problems and Countermeasures in the development of e-party, application fields are classified in accordance with the demonstration of new layout of party building from the report of 17th National Congress of CPC: the ideological building, organizational building and style construction, system construction and the building of anti-corruption campaign, from above we can see in the area of party building e-party plays a positive role; Chinese e-party is still in its initial stages, it has made some achievements, but there are also a series of issues such as the idea of understanding, the digital divide, security systems, the end of the article start from these issues, proposed relevant principles and concrete measures of developing e-party.
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