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The Hidden Mechanism Of Village Government

Posted on:2009-03-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360245457548Subject:Political sociology
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Ever since 1980,the village committee organic law of the People's Republic of China promulgation, many scholars have a foothold in the village people autonomy, trying to comprehend a village government under the background that the nation promoting the democracy; trying to comprehending village politics from the nation—social frame and national political power construction.Also some scholars concentrate on studying mechanism of political operation in the village, from the tiny view level, and acquire a certain comprehension on the grass-roots political living .This essay takes the factional competition in the county area district, this special political phenomenon, as a angle of view to hold the state of the village power operation, political mental state of each behavior corpus and the whole change of the political culture.In the essay, the author clearly defines the faction and the factional competition. The so-called faction means forming a informal organization with common benefits and realistic function. by combining people with particular relationship. The factional competition just is group competition behavior, taking faction as organization to rely on. The aim of factional competition is changing the existing power and benefits assignment structure and form. In the essay, the author takes the faction and the factional competition as a hidden mechanism which operates the village management .The purpose of the essay is just to reveal this hidden mechanism. The author investigates the factional and factional competition with different appearance in each village in the C City, county area, and classify the faction and factional competition, according to different classification standard. The essay compares different influence on the village management, that the different type of faction competition made, with individual case description for foundation.In the essay, the author carrying on a related thinking to the following problem, just surrounding the topic of factional competition and village management For example, the inner operation and outward competition strategy of the faction; the reason that the Faction and factional emerges in the Chinese village basic level during the special transforming period; the affection the faction competition as a factor has made on the village management; the not- balanced participation of faction in the dividing society; the interaction between the competition's special operation mechanism and the village government, which contributes to the elite democracy theories and harmoniously company democracy theories; The value judgement from different political corpus and the reason that has made ; Under the current political ecosystem environment in the village, the factional competition presents development trend; the measure to norm and guide the factional competition. The author thinks these consideration will make good affection on the comprehension to the grass—roots political living, through investigating the village factional competition.
Keywords/Search Tags:Faction, Factional Competition, The Hidden Mechanism, The Village Management, Nation and Society, Positive Study
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