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The Research On Chinese Country Governance From The Public Service Aspect

Posted on:2009-08-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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It is the most remarkable change in Chinese country that the country has come through the tremendous society-economy transfermation after implementing the reformation and opening policy. But the courtry reformation has becoming more and more difficult,up till now,the agriculture-village-peasant problem is in the most serious situation. How to deal with these problems, most of scholars think that the government should cut down the hiberarchy and give grass roots more right, lighten the peasant burden et al. In fact, the duality economy-society structure of city-country distribution is at the bottom of the country current problems. The country public service system is key to solve the country extrusive problems. So the paper tries to construct the Chinese country governance pattern from the public srevice aspect.The paper first reviews the history of Chinese country governance from the governance structure, body, content and manners, which can educe the basic contention and think about the country governance and reformation. Then the paper analyses the difficulty of country governance and reformation,establishing the foundation of grasping the basic problem ,key tache and further study. Through a mass of questionnaires and reviews, the paper holds the first-hand materials about country governance and reformation. Basing on the changing country society contradiction, the paper deeply analyses the aim of country governance and brings forward the frame of modern country governance. From the public service aspect, the paper discusses government effect, peasant self-governance, peasant organization and public finance in the country governance, stressing the reformation of villages and towns and newly orienting the function of villages and towns. The paper thinks that engaging the public service is the important function of villages and towns government, and brings forward the pattern and mathod of reformation. The reformation aim of villages and towns government is sreving government,society-management government and special government. The reformation of villages and towns government should strengthen the public service function and supply efficient country public production.weaken their economy-mangement function and transfer their operation function. The paper researches the country governance pattern, which aim is stressing public service. Through the theory argumentation and empirical analysis, and demonsrtates the countrty governance pattern and villages and towns reformation mode. The conclusion can sreve academical study and government dicision,and impel the country development.
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