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The Research Of Service-Based Government And Its Service Administrative Mechanism

Posted on:2009-10-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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1.Issue proposingSince the second half of the 20th century,the government administration reform has become the major strategic changes dealing with the new social development and the environmental changes in various countries all over the world.If want to make the logic description of the government reform process in various countries since last century,we can see that it has emerged as the replacement of three forms of the government-governing mode,this is:the evolution from the "traditional rule mode" to the "new public management model",then to the "service-based government model".Therefore,both in theory and in practice,people focused the next reform step on the "service-based government".And so,the research on the service-based government has become a new hotspot of the government reform.From the existing literature we can see that this research is mainly centered on the themes, such as the nature and the emergence of the service-based government,the transformation from the traditional government to the service-based government,the functions and the content of the service administration,etc. to start.These researches have the important instruction functions to construct the service-based government.However,these researches always answered the question "what the service-based government is",but not yet answered the question about "how" the service-based government's service administration should be.This paper takes the service-based government's "administrative mechanism" as the main research issue,trying to reveal the basic structure and the operation process about the service-based government how to make service administration through the analysis of the internal mechanism consisting of the concept,the principle and the conduct of the government service-administration.2.Research mentalityThis paper utilizes the system analysis method to study the mechanism structural relations of the service-administration in the "citizen-based" service government,and in particular,basing on the "efficiency and fairness" theme of the public management,it analyzes the bias of public services in control government and explores the surmounting the citizen-based administrative services to the traditional government administration,and concretely analyses the executive concept of "satisfying the citizen needs","respecting the citizen wishes" and "attaching importance to the citizen participation" which reflects the citizen basis,and focuses on the three mechanism factors,"the public benefit mechanism", "the response mechanism" and "the integration mechanism",of the government service-administration.Through such analysis,on the one hand we can reveal the specific contact ways and the operational mechanism of the service-administration from the inherent links of the various elements, on the other hand we can understand and grasp the mechanism reforms at different levels of how to build a service-based government from an overall perspective.Firstly,the public benefit administrative mechanism prescribes the guidance and the starting point of the government's "satisfying the citizen needs" service administration.Through the analysis of the public needs and expectations,this paper extracts the specific guidance essential elements of public interests,points out that the government should pay attention to the different types of public expectations,and takes these as the guidance to implement the Government's administrative services.Secondly,the response administrative mechanism has established the responsibility and the interactive process of the government's "respecting the citizen wishes" service-administration.Government response is,in fact, for the sake of citizens and accountable to citizens.It is necessary to reposition the government,to change its traditional role of taking the power as the basis and the most outstanding of citizens.Thirdly,the integration administrative mechanism defines the expansion and the participation opportunities of the government's "attaching importance to the citizen participation" service administration. Government services should not and can not contain everything.The integration administrative mechanism allows the government's service interface expands from the product-providing service to the opportunity-providing service,and achieves the maximization of the public interest through continuous coordination and integration of various resources,actively establishment and maintenance of all kinds of public society relations.This research takes the "citizen-basis" as the logic analysis zero point of the service-based government's conduction of service-administration, and takes the "efficiency and fairness" theme of the public management as the logical clues,and then explores the service-administration's concept, principle and method from three dimensions,"the public benefit mechanism","the response mechanism" and "the integration mechanism", outlines the structure framework how a service-based government conduct the service-administration from a whole view,and then conducts a preliminary exploration on China's government service-administration reform based on such research mentality3.Primary CoverageThis article can be approximately divided into three parts:The first part constitutes by Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.Chapter 1 mainly surveys the issue of this paper,stresses to sum up and appraise the research literature of the service-based government through briefly describing the service-based government's generation process,and from this proposes "the service-based government and the service-administration mechanism research" subject of this paper,and defines the related concepts regarding this research subject,and then explains the theory value of this research issue and innovation exploration of this paper.Chapter 2 logically analyzes the inevitability of the service-based government appearance,and introduces the multi-disciplinary analysis visual angle and the rationale about the service -administration,based on these analyses.This paper innovatively constructs the service-based government service-administration's analysis frame,and then explains the analysis frame's mentality and the logical relation.The second part mainly constitutes by Chapter 3,Chapter 4 and the Chapter 5,which emphatically studies service-administration's three kinds of administrative mechanisms,is also the key point of the research of this paper.Chapter 3 discusses the service-administration's public benefit mechanism issue,analyzes the service concept of "satisfying the citizen needs" and the service-administration process taking the public benefit as the guidance,mainly studies the public benefit issue and the relations between this issue and the government administration,and analyzes the types of the public needs and the public expectancy,refines "the government service triangle" management skeleton,and then deeply discusses related questions and the administrative method of the government service-administration.Chapter 4 discusses the service-administration's response mechanism issue. Firstly,this chapter stresses to explain the response connotation and the significance of the response mechanism to the traditional government administrative transformation,especially analyzes the responsibility principle and the interactive principle of the response mechanism,as well as their mechanism function in service administration.After that,we discuss and research the method about how to implement the government respond administration from three aspects including the response goal,the response communication and the response flow,then discusses the function of the response administration mechanism to the government transformation.Chapter 5 discusses the service-administration's integration mechanism issue.Proposing the government's service-administration through the analysis of the integration concept is not only providing the service products directly,but satisfying the public benefit through the integration of the resources out of the government is also the government's service-administration's responsibility.This chapter emphasizes that the government must insist on good governing in the government idea,must exert the functions of the marketability and the privatization mechanism in the integration process,and must carry on the discussion of the method of the Seamless Government's integration,Outsourcing Contract's integration and the Franchise's integration.The third part is mainly Chapter 6,is mainly the exploration about Chinese government service administrative reform.This part selectively analyzes the feasibility of Chinese government implementing the service government reform and several kinds of the relations which should be noticed to adjust,especially explores the related system innovations of the social management and the public service gradually turning Chinese government's administrative emphases to improving the people's livelihood,the service-administration process transformation,as well as the technological methods change.Finally,this paper carries out a summary to the research viewpoint and the conclusion,simultaneously points out the research limitation and the existence question in this paper,and proposes the direction of the further study and efforts in future.4.Main innovationThe main innovations of this paper's research manifest in:(1) Constructed the structural frame of the government service-administration mechanism.This paper resting on the intrinsic unification relation of the mechanism's idea level,regular level and behavior level,reveals the structural framing of the service-administration mechanism.In this analysis frame,this paper attempts to describe the service government's service-administration mechanism from the research of the three stages and the three kinds of mechanism:Three stages means researching the service government's service-administration reform through three stages,"the service idea","the administrative principle" and "the management method";Three kinds of mechanism research discuss "the public benefit administrative mechanism","the response administrative mechanism" and "the integration mechanism",which are very important in the process of service-administration. (2) Conducted the cross research using the further expanded multi-disciplinary methods.The existing researches about the service-based government have also utilized the research techniques and the analysis tool, such as politics,the science of administration,the administrative jurisprudence,the new public administration,etc.but have mainly limited to political and the administrative research domain looking from the discipline relevance.Because this paper's research subject is about the research of the service-administration mechanism,it's not enough to use only these research theory and methods.Therefore,we also introduce some analysis theories and the tools which involve the operational mechanism, such as the service management theory,the market economy theory and so on.(3) Proposed the analysis frame of "the service administration triangle",which is valuable to the government service-administration research.The service administration triangle mainly has four kinds of base elements of servicing activities,namely public benefit,community policy, administrative personnel and service system.The relations among them constitute the relational structure which takes the public benefit as the core and the guidance.There are six main relations between these four elements, expressing separately through six relational lines.These six relations can also be divided into two big types of relations:"service relations" and "administrative relations".The service administration triangle refines the complex service process and the relations into the simple intelligible the relational structure,which has provided the analysis mentality for the deep theoretical research,is also helpful to grasp and instruct the whole relations of the service administrative reform.(4) Proposed or redefined some new concepts which have reference value to the research of the service-administration research.Because what this paper has proposed is a new research issue,this will definitely involve some new considers,and further more,these new considers will involve some new concepts,for example,some new concepts describing the service administration principle and management methods,such as "the public benefit administrative mechanism","the response administrative mechanism" and "the integration mechanism",etc.Moreover,although we have used some concepts which people are familiar with,but this paper's research has given some concepts the new definitions,reconsiders their connotations.For instance:"the mechanism","the service","the administrative mechanism","the public benefit","the public product","the public benefit subject","the customer","the integration",etc.all these concepts have some new understanding and explanation,they have reflected some new understanding and the exploration in this paper.(5) Proposed some understanding viewpoints about the government's service-administration in this paper.This paper has also obtained some own understanding and the viewpoints based on some new considers and discussions in the above aspects,mainly including:"The government's service-administration is the administration which takes the citizen as the basis;fundamentally,it is mainly the administration process of satisfying the citizen needs,respecting the citizen wishes and attaching importance to the citizen participation." "The service-administration mechanism mainly constitute of the public benefit administrative mechanism,the response administrative mechanism and the integration mechanism." "The government service quality may be expressed by the difference between the service reception and the service expectation of the public." "The responsibility principle of the response administration needs deeply analysis of the response administration responsibility at three levels of the 'civic virtues',the 'principal-agent' and the 'relation between the government and the citizen'." "The integration administration mechanism will redefine the government's function and role." "The establishment of our government service-administration concept needs to inherit our party's 'serving the people' tradition." These viewpoints not only have the reference to explore and consummate the service government theory thoroughly,but also possibly have the instruction to construct the service government and the improvement to reform the government's service-administration.
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