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Urban Community Public Service In China Under The Perspective Of Governance Theory

Posted on:2009-12-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y GengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360272984085Subject:Political Theory
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The reform tide starting from the end of 1970s,while impelling the transition of economic system,has brought great impact and challenge to our traditional social pattern formed under planned economic system.As a basic element of society,community has taken on many tasks stripped from the economic system reform and social system reform,and has been gradually developed into the main accepting platform of government's public service.Meanwhile,nonprofit organizations and residents' committee of community have also become important forces of community public service.How to offer more and better public services to community residents is a goal not only for government function's transformation and reform,but also for community construction and development.Community public service issue is the relations' focalizing among government,market and society in the community.Taking governance theory as an analysis tool and following the logic clue "What to offer? Who offer? How to offer?",I discussed these questions,what contents should community public service include? how developed and evoluted of community public service? who offer community public service? what way is the community public service offered? Briefly,through studying relevant problems,such as the essence, evolution,subjects,and operating mechanism of community public service, I probed into how to integrate the various strengths to accelerate the forming of multi-governance pattern of community public service. Hopefully this dissertation will provide theory study and demonstration material for locating the relationship between government and market,and the relationship between government and society at community level. Besides the introduction chapter(chapter 1),this dissertation consists of four chapters. Chapter 2 analyzes the deficiency of the present study concept based on discussing upon the origin of community public service.And thinking through the demand of community public service,community public service is defined as social public services provided by the government, autonomy organization,nonprofit organization,volunteers and other social organizations for the need of community public requirements.Furthermore, by studying the characters,functions and classifications of community public service,the theory base is set up for the dissertation.Chapter 3 studies the origin,development and evolution of western countries' community public service,and by contrast with the emerging, evolution and current situation of community public service in our country, the dissertation explains the historical causes that lead to problems like inaccurately target of public service,function confusion among different governance subjects and management mechanism obstruction under the "construction style" developing pattern.Chapter 4 uses the produce and supply theory of public service to analyze the role locating and effect of different subjects such as government,market,social organization,and community autonomy organization,etc.,and studies the reason and developing oriention of role confusion among these producers and suppliers in real life.Chapter 5 analyzes the demand-driven mechanism,financing mechanism,human resource mobilizing mechanism,and the principle, situation,existed problem and improving measure of evaluating mechanism, of community public service under muti-governance subjects.The conclusion chapter summarizes the main conclusions of this dissertation,and points out its creation and scantiness.
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