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The Research On Jiang Su Red Cross Movement Since The Reform And Opening Policy Was Carried Out (1978-2004)

Posted on:2010-05-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360278478053Subject:China's modern history
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Red Cross Society of China is one of the world's three major international organizations, as famous as the United Nations and IOC. Jiangsu is the birthplace of the Red Cross Movement in China and in modern times it has written brilliant chapters. With the pace of reform and opening policy, Red Cross of Jiangsu begins a gradual recovery path of sustained development after the "Cultural Revolution". With the reconstruction of its organization, the "Wu Jiang Si Mei" activity follows the publicity work, which indicates the more humane qualities. In the assistance of fund-raising activities to Africa, it grades significantly, writing a new chapter in international relief work during the new period. After the 4th conference, the Red Cross movement of Jiangsu makes a rapid progress. Organizations and agencies at the interaction with the society become gradually improved and perfect and lays a solid foundation for its in-depth development. It actively responds to services of Taiwan Affairs, contacting both sides of Taiwan Straits with humanitarian work and serves as the Government's "humanitarian aide". Youth work is the base of "hope project", it focuses on promoting the process standardization, writing a wealth to the vitality chapter.In the new century, the rationalized management system indicates the transformation of the Red Cross movement in Jiangsu. "Anti-SARS" Work is the first major challenges in transition, showing tremendous humanitarian strength. Jiangsu implementation of localizes "Red Cross law" is a landmark of building Red Cross of Jiangsu in accordance with the law, laid a solid foundation and specified the light path for its comprehensive and sustainable development.The series of project of love of humanitarian relief activities epitomizing a general summary will be the social bridge and link and the core content of the theory of building the Red Cross cause in China. Since reform and opening up, Jiangsu Red Cross achieves its own development on the basis of its own development, with constructing "series project of love ",it pays attention to releasing potential energy, focusing on social problems and actively participating in social work and social security. The construction of the Red Cross cause with Chinese characteristics is the theoretical program. The Jiangsu Red Cross movement,which promotes the "characteristics" theory, is an integral part of Chinese Red Cross movement. It demonstrates its presence and humanitarian strength both in the rural work and volunteer service work. With the guidance of the "characteristics" theory, Jiangsu Red Cross movement relies on fund-raising cultivates its characteristics culture, builds its own brands and strives for the bright future.In short, this paper applies a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to sort out the history and its inner rule of Jiangsu Red Cross movement since the reform and opening-up for the first time, and explores the related theories of the movement system. At the same time, this paper analysis the interaction between Jiangsu Red Cross movement and social changes with organizational sociology, management science, and makes in-depth theoretical consideration to its history of the past with the realities and the future development against the background of the accelerating the transformation period, which has great significance for deepening the study of the Red Cross movement, expanding the context of the history of societies and charitable research during.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Reform and Opening Policy, Jiang Su Red Cross Meeting, Society, Series Love Project, Characteristic Theory
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