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Study On The Tendency Of Sino-Japan And China's Diplomatic Strategy To Japan In New Period

Posted on:2011-12-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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At present, China's development in a new period, the world situation is also in a new period. Although peace and development are the themes of the times, cooperation between countries in the international community appears increasingly important, but the international situation remains complicated, both China and Japan face a series of major challenges, in such a context, China and Japan in particular, should strengthen communication and cooperation. China and Japan to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation is a requirement of the times, is an international political and economic structure adjustment needs, but also the development of the practical needs of the two countries. Ability to correctly handle and promote the Sino-Japanese relations to the benefit of China's further development, to help achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the direction of development is China's peaceful development road must be faced, must also be solved. We must have a great breadth of vision to accommodate the Japanese side should properly look at the history of the joint efforts of the two countries to build in line with historical trends and the vital interests of both countries to sustainable development of the Sino-Japanese relations. With the Cold War, hidden in the Sino-Japanese relations began to highlight the historical understanding, especially since April 2001, as Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited the Yasukuni Shrine five times since the row became hinder the normal development of Sino-Japanese relations a major obstacle. And therefore the study of Sino-Japanese relations have also attracted great attention of the academic community around Japan launched a new diplomatic thinking, discussion of academic major. The development of Sino-Japanese relations, the status quo, causes and possible solutions in areas such as a useful exploration of the emergence of certain research results. Our predecessors in the study based on the theory, this paper start from the connotation of Sino-Japanese relations, Sino-Japanese relations to clarify the basic elements contained in summing up the main crux of Sino-Japanese relations and conflicts, analyzing the direction of development of Sino-Japanese relations, in this based on the the new period of China's diplomatic strategic choice. In order to find a truly effective solution to the problem, in terms of methods, will use literature and theoretical research combining historical research and comparative study of the method of combining. Recalling the development of Sino-Japanese relations is a "peaceful-hostility-peace," twists and turns of the long course of development, both positive and negative aspects of the history of repeated proof of the two neighbors and Japan, "co-benefits both while confrontation can only hurt." In the new period, China and Japan there are many among the crux of the problem and contradictions, resulting in the crux of the problem and contradictions are many reasons. In the new period of Sino-Japanese relations are facing new development, dialogue and exchanges, mutual benefit and cooperation, adjustment and oscillation City, the new period of Sino-Japanese relations have been developing the basic trend. Faced with such a background, we have a strategic vision for dealing with Sino-Japanese relations.This total is divided into seven parts, etc. introduction.Introduction to illustrate topics of this article based on topics of significance, research methods and so on.Chapter twists and turns in the forward:the new period of Sino-Japanese relations. Mainly elaborated the content of the new period of Sino-Japanese relations and the level of the new period of Sino-Japanese relations, development, assessment of the development of Sino-Japanese relations and so on.ChapterⅡcrux of the problem with the contradiction:the new period of Sino-Japanese relations are facing four major problems. Analysis of Sino-Japanese relations in the historical understanding, the Taiwan problem, territorial and energy issues, economic ties with China assistance.ChapterⅢof the dilemma with the interference:the impact of the new period of Sino-Japanese relations have been developing a number of factors. Including the adjustment of Japan's foreign policy, Sino-Japanese relations became so dominant factor in the development of Sino-Japanese nationalist trend continues to heat up as damage to the development of Sino-Japanese cultural factors, the US-Japan strategic alliance that hinders the development of Sino-Japanese relations the two sides of factors, international political and economic changes that affect the development of Sino-Japanese relations objective factors.ChapterⅣof the formation of a new pattern:the new period of Sino-Japanese bilateral relations. Clarify the dialogue and exchange is a basic form of Sino-Japanese relations, cooperation and reciprocity of Sino-Japanese relations, the basic trend, oscillation and the adjustment is the basic form of Sino-Japanese relations.Chapter realistic look to the future:the new period of China's diplomatic strategic choice. Mainly to explain the new period of China's diplomatic strategy, the basic principles, including:New thinking must uphold the right to ensure that Japan's diplomatic strategy of principle and flexibility; must adhere to the "reciprocal" promote "cooperation" to ensure that Japan's diplomatic strategy The practical results; must adhere to the "all-round diplomacy," Japan's diplomatic strategy to ensure the initiative; must adhere to the Dialectical Japan, to maintain diplomatic strategy to Japan duality. The new period of China's diplomatic strategy, path selection, including:strengthening political mutual trust, promote mutual understanding; to enhance security cooperation to eliminate the security dilemma; the strengthening of economic exchanges, enhance political cooperation; to play a role of the media and enhance each other image; the strengthening of civil diplomacy, the promotion exchanges between the two countries.Conclusions, a summary of the full text.
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