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Study On Reform Of Professional Sports Teams To Be Colleges

Posted on:2012-05-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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To promote professional sports teams "institutionization" of the revised reform program, deepening professional sports teams " institutionization "of the strategic objectives of the reform, strategy and development and implementation of the steps, in order to reserve our athletes improve the training system and athletes comprehensive development provide a useful reference, this paper, literature, expert interviews, questionnaires, logical analysis and historical research on China Professional sports teams " institutionization " of reform in a number of important issues in-depth, systematic study results are as follows:Professional sports teams of the generation and development and new China sports road of exploration and progress is closely linked. "institutionization" reform, before the development of Professional sports teams can be divided as follows:1952-1960 period of the great leap forward,1961-1965 years athletes level 3 training system formation stage,1966-1971 years of stagnation stage,1972-1977 years of progressively recovering stage. In the 1980s, at the beginning of Professional sports teams gradually open "institutionization" reform, the prelude of "institutionization" mainly includes the following types:sports colleges and schools, education system of self-governance system of self-governance universities, education system are combined with the sports system do colleges. " Institutionization" prompted sports talents cultivation along the standardized, scientific direction, but ignore the healthy development of education and learning of literacy class athletes, the athletes career conversion bottlenecks for phenomenon is more and more serious. The main reason and questions as follows:policy executive power is weak, sports departments and university department of purpose deviation, athletes, coaches, learning and training to the contradiction of athletes culture education contempt, mix teachers'position loss, scientific medical team weak, inadequate funding, social attention is not enough. The influence of the main factors "institutionization" reform as follows:"institutionization" policy goals. Wei achievement evaluation system which is "theory of "institutionization" " goal and reform the distance between the remaining, "institutionization" matching policy. Matching policy of cultural education for athletes provides development platform, for athletes of placement provides good guarantee for athletes entrance study offers more opportunities, but in actual execution, "institutionization" executive subject interests contradiction or conflict the objective necessity of block due to the policy implementation frequently occurred. National athletic sports strategy. National athletic sports strategic transition with "institutionization" reform athletes training target, the way and the method are closely linked. Athletes stone-sculpture standard difference. Winning socialist or all-round development nation and the managers, the coaches and athletes different value judgment. Athletes contradictions between learning. Weight training light learning thoughts crux lead to learning and training system design flaws and learning and training the lack of law discussion. Reform inadequate funding. The whole sports funds inadequacy and structural contradiction more apparent. In order to further promote the "institutionization" reform deeply, we must adhere to the following ideological understanding, adopt the strategy of sustainable development:Chinese characteristics "institutionization" is one of the athletes, change the way to cultivate athletes cultivation idea is to realize "institutionization" reform, strengthen the key target learning and training combination laws "institutionization" "goal is to realize" the premise, perfect "institutionization" public matching policy is to realize "institutionization" target of assurance.
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