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Research On The Development And Deployment Of Macromanpower

Posted on:2001-06-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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This paper deals with macromanpower and stresses on the devlopment and deployment of macromanpower, therefore, it constructs the topic of "research on the development and deployment of macromanpower". Manpwer is the nuclear realm of this topic, disclosing the characteristic nature of manpower, the basic attributes of manpower and its form and practical meaning of gross functioning in social practices It is the important task of this paper. Centered on manpower, this paper makes its effort to build theoretical network of development and deployment of macromanpower as its basic aim.Manpower is one of the most conspicuous demographic economic phenomena in present social devleopment. In western economic management, great attention has been paid to the development and deployment of inacromanpower combined on macro — and micro — bases. On the process of social practices and theroetical research in China, the problem of manpower is being greadually paid attention to day by day. The term of manpower is used with high frequency in scientific research and socioeconomic management. The concepts of manpower is used in different angles in many scientific and economic areas. This paper puts emphatically that manpower, as a socioeconomic aspect, firstly reflects a demographic economic phenomenon, therefore, in the research of mnpower, work has to be developed from the angle of population especially from the angle of demographic economy.This paper considers the demarcation of theoretical researches of macromanpower from micromanpoer is the need to enrich further theroretical achievement and to push.3.forward practices. In the research of manpower, "Man" is the starting point of revelation, not the starting point of discussion. "Manpower" is the population linked in the processes of labor production, the economic element of labor productive processes. Therefore, eyeing the productive areas of labor is the logical starting point of theoretical research on macromanpower. The theory of Marxist "Two Productions" is the important guideline for the study of manpower. The theory of population quality has made deep revelation to the connotation of manpower. Manpower is the gross activity of population in a certain area and in a certain stage. To observe the problem of manpower from macroscope one has to analyze the problem of population. The problem of poplat ion is the basis of manpower. To study the problem of manpower it is necessary to make clear the scale, the growth, the trend and other problems of population, and especially to make deep analysis on the important impact of population to manpower supply.What is the basic target reoriention of manpower development and deployment? This is the most important question in manipulating the overall problem of manpower. The devleopment and deployment of macromanpower must take the promotion of sustained development of socioeconomic, demographic environment as the basic targets. Through the regulation of populaiton and carefully development of manpower, sustained development can be gained.As the theories of economic growht and economic development have made wide discussion on the impacts and effects of labor, manpower and manpower capital and other labor factors in social development, it is necessary to take there theories combinedly to further study the problem of manpower. Manpower is the first economic resource and objective force and investment has to be made to elevate the natural quality and social quality, i. e. , the labor capital investment. The theory of labor capital is the product in practice and it is the theory about manpower development and investment, and in essense, it is the theory on economic growth. Labor capital will greatly promote economic growth and sustained development.Under the conditions of market economy, the market of labor force is the most important and the most nuclear part of all element markets and it plays a basic role in the.4.deployment of manpower. The commercialization of labor force had bee...
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