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The Research Of Play Instruction In Kindergarten

Posted on:2003-03-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360092455093Subject:Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Play is the most basic activity of children. Play instruction is brought play's mechanism into instruction in kindergarten. It doesn't simply add play to instruction. It puts play and learning together at the point of their ties. Play is brought into instruction's category in kindergarten. The principal characters of play instruction are the automatic learning and the subjective or automatic development. The features of times of instruction framework embody vividness, alacrity, enthusiasm and the same importance of interest and ability. This dissertation explores the history of play instruction, combs the history line of the research of play instruction in China and the Western countries, analyses the reason of the research background which has no system and a lack of basic theory, that induces investigation of the being problem in play instruction in kindergarten. Play is separated from instruction for a long time in kindergarten, the environment of play instruction is founded difficultly, the guidance of play instruction exists latent danger, which reasons relate to values of play instruction. The theoretical exploration of play instruction is conduced to clear up the essential feature of play instruction. Through rationally integrating play, instruction and curriculum, designated the course of play instruction is not only the applying course of curriculum in kindergarten, but also is the constructive course of curriculum which participated collectively by teachers and children. Not only children could acquire learning experience about the academic study and the development of body and mind, but also the mode or methodology of play activity is the learning content of children, that is considered the curriculum content. Play is not only the applying way of curriculum, but is importance fountain of curriculum producing. The basic principle of play instruction resting on the law of children's body and mind is to choose or design play and take order with play; The basic assignment of play instruction is to achieve the growing object of children's body and mind through the collective and individual course of play; The object of play instruction is internal to children, but is external to teacher for children's development. Play is purpose, also is means. How much extent that play and instruction are in harmony depend on the coordination about purpose and means. If we want to make play giving rein to its individual educational function to great extent, that we must make play becoming play. Just like this, play will achieve the best effectiveness of development. That is, just when play becomes internal aim of children's activity, it will be the most suitable means of instruction. The theory sills of play instruction are the research of psychology, learning theory, brain science and activity doctrine of Marxism. This dissertation analyses the type of play instruction adapting to the learning mode of children, designs the interaction pattern between teachers and children, guiding strategy and evaluative system of play instruction. The major feature in various learning activity of children is automatic learning in the course of play. Play is the important way to children's learning. Children could achieve manifold experience in play. Children use their familiar schema to integrate external information. At the same time, they could adjust and develop their own schema to develop or perfect their cognitive structure. The associative activity with companion in play is the important chance to promote early social action of children. Children accumulate lived experience by proceeding various attempt in play to lay a suitable foundation for development. The core of the interaction pattern of play instruction is subjective development, the focus is play activity, the motive force is interesting learning, the premise is interaction between teachers and children. The exploring instruction replaces telling instruction; the dealing instruction replaces the cognitive instruction; the image instruction replaces the ab...
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