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On Teacher Participation In Curriculum Change

Posted on:2004-01-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360092997421Subject:Comparative Education
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The research on teacher participation in curriculum change bases on the transformation of the view of curriculum and the integration of teacher and curriculum. Scientific curriculum research paradigm such as Tyler Rationale seeks to develop value-free curriculum product, and characters 'teacher-proorf. It result in the lose of curriculum adaptation and the failure of curriculum change. Teachers' participation is a tendency of curriculum theory after the criticize of the Tyler Rationale. From the Practical Curriculum, the Process Model of Curriculum Development, to the Phenomenon-Hermeneutic Curriculum and Postmodern Curriculum, we can find the new orientation of teachers' participation. Teacher participation reflects a new perspective of curriculum, that is the Integration of Teacher and Curriculum. This new perspective takes the Hermeneutic Philosophy as the epistemology foundation. And we can use it to reconstruct the relationship between teacher and curriculum. The new relationship argues that (1) understanding and explain curriculum is teachers' professional life, (2) teacher participate in the process of understanding curriculum text is the base of formation of curriculum meaning, (3) teachers' curriculum practice is a process of Hermeneutic. From the perspective of Hermeneutic Philosophy, teacher participation in curriculum change is the key value of the Integration of Teacher and Curriculum. There are there dimensions of the Integration of Teacher and Curriculum. They are: (1) the integration of the process of teaching and curriculum development; (2) the integration of teacher knowledge and curriculum meaning; (3) the integration of teacher professional development and curriculum change.It is necessary to raise a framework to analyses teacher participation in curriculum, including the approaches of teacher participation in curriculum change, the supporting factors or conditions for teacher participation in curriculum change, and case. There are some approaches for teachers' participation, such as participate in curriculum decision, participate in the process of School-based Curriculum Development, participate in curriculum action research. The supporting factors for teachers' participation including teacher professional development and some outside factors such as effective curriculum leadership, time and money, et al. Teachers resist curriculum change in three levels: cultural level, institution level, and technical level. In the case study part, we select three schools as case school all over the country, and we hope they are representative. The last chapter reflects all the research project and wishes to change teachers' curriculum practice model.The dissertation is divided into two parts. Part One discuss the theory bases of teacher participation in curriculum, including: (1) literature review, (2) criticize to the 'teacher-proof curriculum, (3) the transformation of curriculum views, (4) understanding and explaining: towards a view of integration of teacher and curriculum. Part Two analysis teachers' participation, including: (1) approaches of teacher participation in curriculum change; (2) the supporting factors for teachers' participation; (3) teachers' resistance to curriculum change; (4) case studies;(5) change teachers' curriculum practice model.
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