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A Theoretic Study On The Professional Sports League Of China

Posted on:2005-03-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q W WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360125467192Subject:Humanities and sociology
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This dissertation mainly makes an study on the current situation, formed reasons and existing defect of the type of administrative monopolization of professional sports league of China , which is making use of the method of literature analyses, visiting experts, questionnaire survey, mathematical statistics. Through comparing with western developed countries', especially the America's, this dissertation can draw an target mode of professional sports league, moreover being aimed at the indispensable conditions to construct the target mode of professional sports league of China, this dissertation analysis the conditions, and put forward some measures and advice on how to construct the target mode of the professional sports league of China.This dissertation is mainly consist of four parts. The first part is to discuss the theoretical basis of professional sports league. The start of this dissertation is the peculiarity of the competition of professional sports-both sides of the competitors to compete and survive each other, which determines the peculiarity of the professional sports industry-clubs of professional sports should be interdependent, which means the clubs of professional sports must be competitive and interdependent each other, moreover this competition should be a close contest, which can add to the uncertainty of the competition. So this "intergrowth" determines professional sports clubs only to make a peculiar connective organization to realize their survive and development together. This peculiar union organization is the professional sports league. Its essence is the benefit unity of professional sports clubs, concrete form of expression is monopolized enterprise, its theoretical basis is the monopolized economics. Seen from the developing experience of the western professional sports, one of the factors of its success is to construct the mature professional sports league.The second part is mainly to set NBA as a example to analysis the formed reasons, importance, organized structure, run mechanism and the special policies of professional sports league of the America. Attaching importance to the run mechanism of the professional sports league of the America. It mainly includes such mechanisms as following: target mechanism, marketing mechanism, investing mechanism, competing mechanism, sailing mechanism, inspiring and restraining mechanism, supervising mechanism. Through deeply researching, this dissertation discover characters of the run mechanism of the America's professional sports league. Its target mechanism is to make money under the benefit unity being consisted of clubs and league coming into being; Its marketing mechanism means clubs and league both depending on the market; Its investing mechanism means private investment which the investor are completely the owners of the clubs; on the competing mechanism, its carrying on the balance competition through redistribution on the income of league and the talent players; on the sailing mechanism, showing that the whole sale of professional sports league and the sale of the individual club being combined together. On the inspiring mechanism, showing that all clubs convert seeking individual benefit into league benefit; on the restraining mechanism, showing that self-discipline of the soft restrain being combined with the rules of hard restrain; on the supervising mechanism, showing that equal double-direction supervise and the company- manage-structure supervise be combined. Drawing a conclusion that the successful reasons of the run-mechanism of the professional sports league of the America lies in the benefit unity between clubs and league. Although this benefit unity of club and league is an monopolized organization, the American law has made it exempt from the un-trust law, this monopolized organization has played an indispensable effect. The third part is to study the formed reasons, the current situations of the organizational structure, run-mechanism and policies of the administrative monopolized professional-sports-lea...
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