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Research On The Process, Evaluation And Development Of Wushu Project Management Since Modern Times Of China

Posted on:2006-01-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360218963074Subject:Traditional sports
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Project management emerged accompany the well-organized activities of mankind. After the second Industrial Revolution, the trend of internationalization of sports required theoretical directive function of Project management, and apply the theories to practice. Through set up international organizations, determine clear-cut objectives, promote the development of the program, etc, these activities play an important rule in promoting the internationalization of Occidental sports in modern times. In the meantime, Chinese Wushu was under the management of spontaneous and small-scale organizations which weren't Project management with modern meaning. As the West ideological trend flow in since modern times, a large-scale social change in China, include every aspect, for instance, traditional sports management, was initiated. Reformation which happened in later period of the Qing-dynasty was a strategic point, and from then on, people began to develop Wushu with clear aims and organizations. From nongovernmental to governmental management, Jingwuhui, Central Institute of Guoshu and Chinese National Wushu management centre played an indispensable function in advocating Wushu, otherwise Wushu would have been buried under the ruins of traditional culture, or still in the state of emerged of itself and perished of itself. This was a generally learning process of taking the west as model in which expressed characteristics of establish of special organizations, under management of national administrative setup, administrative expenditure guarantee, consistent aims and various activities.Advocating Wushu's development has been a task or a work for a hundred years that can be divided into three stages. Objective appraise to Wushu Project is not only the necessary inspection and evaluation of program effect, but also is essential prerequisite to the further development. Took Promotion scale, quantity of people and organizations, management standard, abundant of Wushu products, etc as evaluate indexes, it's naturedly to draw the conclusion that the Wushu Project gained huge achievements. Whether the definite need of main project stakeholders had been satisfied now is a vital index that meets the current research trend in evaluating a program. Different opinion and view of the main project stakeholders'feedback is conducive to keep abreast of current development and existed problems of Wushu Project. This paper defined the question for evaluation and collected views, according to the different viewpoint and opinions that feedback by Main project stakeholders, the most unsatisfied problem focus on Wushu's changing, namely, they were not satisfied to the remoulded Wushu. Wushu gradually changed during the process of project management since modern times. And the changes,were led by Jingwuhui, Central Institute of Guoshu and Chinese National Wushu management centre who have inescapable responsibility,that happened to Wushu were inevitable outcome of social need selection.It is generally believed that Social demand is gradually becoming various and competition more intense. And this double-driving made managers, realize that, to the task of advocating Wushu, competitions are as clear as opportunity that exist and can be seen. To solve the problem that exist for long times, to meet the social demand, to improve the stakeholders satisfaction, we must find correct and feasible way to reform Wushu. Based on historical review and lateral learning, this paper made deep thinking on notion design of traditional Wushu, and put forward proposals from skill, system and gist respects.
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