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Transition Of Teacher Education Institutions In UK: Historical Perspective And Case Study

Posted on:2009-07-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360245973496Subject:History of education
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The British teacher education institutions have undergone a history of more than one hundred-year development, starting from early teacher training institutions to day training colleges cooperated by local education authorities and universities, then to university training departments, area training organizations, independent institutes of education within universities and up till now to the teacher education institutions of diversified models. Such developments have noticeably shifted and enhanced the education models, qualification levels, teacher management methods and knowledge structures of the British teacher education institutions. The author attempts to shed light on the occurrence and development of the British teacher education institutions as it was, discusses the cause and effect of their transitions from the historical perspective and on the basis of a case study and brings forward some lessons and references for the transitions of China's teacher education institutions.The whole dissertation consists of an introductory part, a full text and a conclusion. The introductory part mainly elaborates upon why the author selected this topic and the significance of its study, its research routes and methodologies. The full text is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter "The Co-existing Church-Controlled and Privately Endowed Pattern: Early Teacher Training Institutions" explains and discusses the process of the early British teacher training institutions starting from an early stage in their development to their shaping stage. The second chapter "The Local Authority and Universities Cooperated Pattern: Day Training Colleges" expatiates the British formal teacher training institution, i.e. the growth and development of a day training college and its role and problems in the history of the British teacher education. The third chapter "University Affiliated Pattern: University Training Department" considers the developments of elementary and secondary education, the emergence of educational sciences and disputes between 'academic studies orientation' and 'teacher training orientation' and then deals with the transition of the British teacher education institutions from day training colleges to university training departments. The fourth chapter "Area Combined Pattern: Area Training Organizations" examines the establishment and development of area training organizations and discusses and analyzes the transition of the British teacher education institutions from university training departments to area training organizations against the backgrounds of political and economic changes, government policies and the new developments of educational sciences, and its causes. The fifth chapter "Independent Institute of Education Pattern: Colleges of Education" addresses the transition of the British teacher education institutions from area training organizations to college of education due to the development of higher education and the control of teacher education by the government. The sixth chapter "Diversified Pattern: Modern Teacher Education Institutions" elaborates on the causes of the decrease in the number of colleges of education and the restructuring of teacher education institutions as well as the types and levels of teacher education institutions. The seventh chapter "A Case Study: London Institute of Education" examines and discusses the history of London Institute of Education and justifies the transitions of the British teacher education institutions. The conclusion summarizes the transitions of the British teacher education institutions, analyzes their characteristics and cause-effect and provides the author's reflections and suggestions for China's teacher education transitions.
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