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Study On Chinese Women's Football Reserve Talents Cultivation

Posted on:2009-01-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360275463825Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In the 1990s,China women soccer by virtue of national professional model,takes the first incomparable advantage over other countries in early stages of women soccer development,once takes world leader in the development direction of Women Soccer and has made noteworthy achievements.In the 21st century,China Women Soccer did not takes the last century glory,the World Women Soccer forces evolve from"three pillars"to"Europe and the United States hegemony"pattern.As the China Women Soccer is out in the first group,its strength has difficulty in contending with the strong teams in Europe and America.The call"Revive the women soccer spirit and make the Women Soccer brilliant again"has opened the prelude of the second venture of women soccer.This paper uses literature,expert interviews,questionnaire survey, theoretical analysis,empirical analysis,mathematical statistics,and other research methods from domestic and foreign development of the Current Situation of Women Soccer start of the scientific concept of development and science and the people and the concept of education,the Chinese Women Soccer focus on the sustainable development of China's Women Soccer Training of reserve status,the operating mechanism,and the next Women Soccer reserve personnel training model of development carried out in-depth study and discussion.Women Soccer pointed out that the development should be based on the survival of the existing Women Soccer,a professional,vocational training model for the formation of the principal,"the combination of the"direction of the development with a scientific development concept to guide emergency personnel training practice,Construction many models combine the diversification of reserve personnel training system.The results show that:With the globalization development of women soccer sport,the Women Soccer World shows a new development trend and pattern.The status and entity of Women Soccer strength indicates that the leading advantage of China Women Soccer has ceased to exist,and overall level and personal ability have obvious gap with the strong team in the world.Many problems encounted during Women Soccer development of the new era indicates the the importance and urgency of the China Women Soccer reserve cultivaty. If China soccer women wants to"create the glories again,"we must return to the training of the youth.Closely takes the pulse of the times,goes the China-characteristic training path of Women Soccer reserve personnel.Second,Women Soccer reserves Training must be consistent with China national condition and the overall requirement of the contemporary society development,we must meet the needs of soccer sport development and sport project development and individual development needs,we must follow the law of sport and culture of the premise.Women Soccer reserves personnel training is a long-term,twisted and turns of the stage, sophisticted system project.Third,the China Women Soccer reserve personnel training operation mechanism research reveals that the different historical periods of Women Soccer reserve personnel training operation mechanism has different social characteristics.And the new era of Women Soccer reserve personnel training operation mechanism remodeling ideas,path selection and operational mechanism of target mode.Fourth,must to be established as soon as possible and adapt to the market economy system,with the Women Soccer reserve personnel training system.Use of the advantages of the country's structure more conducive to the creation and development of the Women Soccer expansion space with the scientific development concept to guide the development of the Chinese Women Soccer,and promote the sustainable development of Chinese Women Soccer.And sports system and the education system of measures on the policy"of the combination"will play an important guiding role.Physical education is the future return of the reserve Women Soccer Training direction of development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Women Soccer youth, reserve talent training, mode operating mechanism, the combination of sports and education
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