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Graduate Education Quality Evaluation And Quality Assurance System

Posted on:2011-10-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360305973969Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Graduate education has a direct and important role and influence of a national science and technology, economy, social progress and development. Graduate education is the source of scientific and technological innovation is to develop science successor activities, enhance the comprehensive national strength is the most important thing. Therefore, many countries take graduate education as an important part to develop a national innovation system, which makes the scale of development of graduate education going up steadily and the type diversifies gradually.With the constant expansion of education, quality issues will naturally become the focus of attention of countries. The development of graduate education in China started late but very quickly that is due to historical reasons. The undergraduate enrollment, while the sharp post-graduate education has grown rapidly in the last ten years. Graduate educational quality emerged, in which the development of large-scale and high-speed context. At the same time a new era for innovation and talent requirements and current graduate students, especially doctoral students the reality of lack of innovation contradictions makes it special attention on the quality of graduate students. "How to protect the quality of graduate students" has become a question that graduate educators are most concerned with the topic of graduate education scale year after year, and has attracted great attention of education authorities. Therefore, it is significance on how to establish a new era of Evaluation of Graduate Education and Quality Assurance System to enable them to adapt to social and self-development.This thesis on "quality", "education quality", "graduate education" and the concept and content analyzed in research on the domestic research activities and research based on the results. Through analyzing the main factors affecting of the quality, while drawing on the various types of evaluation of the quality of graduate education practice, try to set up a sub-category evaluation index system which was based on the graduate education quality evaluation system.First, play the market in the role of quality assurance system and to the constraints of quality to the market and society, with a market mechanism to regulate higher university services and education quality.Second, to make changes in government functions within the quality system, this means that the government quality assurance in graduate education in behavioral patterns shifts from strict control to effectively manage up.Third, establish a sound internal quality assurance system in universities, especially in terms of ideology, personnel, conditions, systems and several other key construction elements.Fourth, try to establishment and development of higher education industry organizations to achieve self-discipline.Fifth, efforts to attract social forces to participate in graduate education quality assurance system. Constantly improve the social intermediary organizations and bring masses media's role in quality assurance.
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