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The Research On The Reform In Model Of Education For Undergraduate In Kinesiology By Rational Choice Theory

Posted on:2011-06-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In this paper, rational choice theory approach to national and undergraduate students under the "economic man" study. The creation of the Kinesiology from personnel training to address social needs of individuals, while the reform is to foster the talents training mode has been saturated to some extent, training goals and social needs serious gap in the response. Kinesiology popularization of higher education should be established to foster the quality of the basic objectives of a comprehensive human personnel training mode, in the national health objectives for the strategy under the guidance of a professional training objectives. The final output of the pursuit of the interests of the people to adapt to the needs of society, to promote social progress.Undergraduate education as the independent's "individuals", their needs to adapt to current social change on their own abilities of Requirements, Lifelong learning and learning society, and other new thought on personal development, it in real life solve employment pressure from all sides. Individual users of educational resources, the gains of their education should also be maximized.This article also collegiate sports Body Science Training Aims and made a comprehensive elaboration and evaluation, selected the three universities UndergraduatesKinesiology has carried out a comparative study. Through the course structure, teaching hours and assessment methods of distribution, and defined a series of problems existing in this profession:curriculum is very similar to the narrow range of knowledge, the curriculum focused on imparting knowledge, ignored extensive knowledge of the culture of similar lack of mastery of subject knowledge capacity. Difficult to adapt to the current requirements of quality education; teaching content outdated teaching materials reflect the major characteristics of subjects little, monotonous teaching methods, assessment methods and single.By the research on University of the United States Comprehensive Kinesiology Major Undergraduates Program, obtained the following results:training objectives are the training objectives by universities and professional training target of two parts, ie, as a professional talent and the difference, university training objectives completed by the general education courses, professional training courses aim to achieve by a professional; personnel training specifications of many entries, arranged in detail, operate glance; focus on professional foundation courses, specialized courses and professional direction of the logic of constraints from the enrollment system, students Plan to meet the professional training objectives.Rational results of the study as the basic train of thought, to personnel training in the comprehensive development of a comprehensive and quality training, based on Physical Education curriculum for the basic requirements of academic research and its combination with sub-level talents cultivation training program. That in the first 1-2 years of and set a General Education in Physical Education professional foundation courses, in 3-4 years set specialty coursesin in accordance with the academic research and compound application talent direction, Guarantee national resources input and students, both have access to maximize revenue.Construction of this article Kinesiology Education Model, is a national response to national health strategic plan, to follow the Higher Education Personnel Training under the background of the concept of change is the Sports Major reform of the important foundation of human movement Science Training Programs guidelines. The training program is characterized by the largest of the round of training objectives, training the Whole Man from the Idea and proposes the Kinesiology should start by cultivating human preparatory through flexible curriculum options allow Undergraduate able to select the career rational direction.In this paper, Physical Education Professional Courses idea of public infrastructure for the physical education professional development strategy for the reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kinesiology, Personnel Training, Subject Reform, Rational Choice Theory, Health
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