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Marxist Theory Of Ownership And The Reform Of State-owned Enterprises

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Studying the state-owned enterprise reform in China's contemporary building of socialism is of great realistic and profound theoretical significance.After Marxism has guided the former Soviet Union countries, China and Eastern European countries seizing the power, because of Marx and Engels'not having the specific practice of socialist construction, and non of those countries established socialism in a highly developed capitalist but all on relatively poor and backward countries, therefore, all the socialist countries face the reality of how to build socialism. In the socialist construction, state-owned enterprises which reflect the public ownership system are in constant exploration on both existence and developing mode. In the former Soviet Union, public is the only economic form, the national state-owned enterprises had a glorious era as a concrete manifestation of public ownership. But with the disintegration of the former Soviet Union and the collapsing of the Eastern Europe, the international socialist construction appears to have come to an end, and China became the only remaining one of the few socialist countries, so the historical responsibility of exploring the successful road of socialist construction and the form of public ownership economy has fallen on China. Therefore, promoting the state-owned enterprise's reforming not only relates to the overall socialist construction with Chinese characteristics but also directly relates to the success or failure of China's socialist harmonious society construction and socialist construction. Therefore, study of the state-owned enterprises'reform and the state-owned enterprises'success starting from the Marxist ownership theory is of great practical significance.In theory, Marx and Engels'socialism construction theory on proletariat's seizing power is based on a highly developed social basis of capitalism, but the reality is non of the countries whose proletariat sized the power is developed capitalist country, some are even not a capitalist country. There's no ready-made answer for poor or even not Experiencing capitalism stage countries on how to carry on the socialist construction, how to or by which way to realize the public ownership system and so on. The former Soviet Union and the Eastern European various countries' defeat, as if announces the defeat of socialist construction which takes the public ownership system as the foundation, but the roaring success of China's reforming and opening policy more than 30 years sufficiently proves socialist construction which takes the public ownership system as foundation has not stepped onto the dead end but instead glows the new vitality in China. Certainly, the present stage realizing form of our state-owned business'public ownership system is not that ideal, state-owned enterprises and the government as well as the society have not achieved harmoniously accommodating, state-owned enterprises quilt"the demonization", are also sometimes attacked by the public opinion. From this, reforming radically, research state-owned enterprise reform from the Marxism system of ownership theory, has a very important theoretical significance. Embarking the research on state-owned enterprise reform from the Marxism system of ownership theory not only deepen the Marxism system of ownership theory and the advancement of socialist construction historic course, but also is helpful to provide the new knowledge theoretically for the development of Marxism ownership theory system. Looking from the literature search situation, state enterprise reform research based on the Marxism system of ownership theory was still unusual, which explains that this issue still waits for further thoroughly discussing.This text includes 5 parts:Introduction. This chapter mainly elaborated topic selecting background and argument basis, argued the topic's researching significance, present research situation, the thesis research vein as well as the research method.Chapter 1, creating of Marxism system of ownership theory and preliminary development in reality. This chapter elaborated Marxism system of ownership theory's basic vein and primary coverage since the Marxism has been born before China reform and open policy in detail. This article believed that although Marx and Engels' socialist system of ownership theory's central content is realizing the socialist system of ownership, we cannot make doctrine understanding of Marx and Engels'viewpoint at that time. After Marx and Engels, Lenin, Stalin as well as Mao Zedong et al. have certain developed the Marxism system of ownership theory in the socialist construction, but all didn't n surmount planned economy system's fence on basic.Chapter 2, multiplication: Ownership structural reform under socialist market economy condition system. This chapter analyzed and elaborated whether the market economy and the socialist system of ownership can fuse, thought that although the Marxism classic has not generally affirmed socialism may practice the market economy, but practices had already powerfully proven under the socialism condition, the market economy and the socialist system of ownership can fuse mutually, and has become the socialist economy in China to construct the irreversible trend of development. Therefore, the ownership structure multiplication reforming which takes the public ownership system as the main body and many kinds of system of ownership communal developments must guarantee the dominant position of the public ownership system, and must develop the non-private economy question vigorously, the system of ownership and state-owned enterprise reform's judgment standard should insist on Deng Xiaoping's"three are advantageous to".Chapter 3, diversification: Reforming of the government property economy realizing form. After the argument of ensuring the market economy and the socialist system of ownership can melt coexisting, the China socialism initial stage may and should take the basic economic system which the public ownership system be as the main body, many kinds of system of ownership communal development, this chapter proposes the government property rights hold core status in the state economy reform's realizing form in the microscopic economical stratification plane, elaborated completes the importance of the localization of government property's right legal status. According to the Marxism system of ownership's general theory, in the socialist construction, the state-owned enterprises'property rights is the public ownership system's realizing form, in reality the method and the goal must unify, therefore, we should explore the government property economy's realizing form diligently. Through analysis, proposed the opinion that according to Chinese national condition, Joint stock system should become the main realizing form of the government property economy.Chapter 4, multiplication of state-owned enterprises'property right structure and its government. Carrying on the comparison and analysis foundation to the Marx property right theory and the Western property right economic theory, this chapter pointed out that though the Western property right economic has the prior theory flaw, but this cannot become the reason of rejecting and repelling the Western property right theory. The correct manner should be stands on the Marx property right theory basic point to derive the Western property right theory's reasonable ingredients, so as to provide theoretical analysis tool for the state-owned enterprises'reform. To the traditional state-owned business's property right reform, profiting from the successful experience of the Western property right economic is advantageous in the state-owned enterprise reform's success. Macroscopically, we must insist the direction of the property right structure multiplication; microscopically, we must solve the agent problem of state-owned business and strengthen state-owned business's surveillance and management. Chapter 5, state economy stock holder's rights shape and management. After discussing the government property economy realizing form and the state-owned business property right structure's multiplication and government, definitely the joint stock system in state-owned enterprise reform's special function's foundation and once more take the Marxism system of ownership theory as the instruction, this chapter has further carried on the analysis of state-owned enterprise reform's microscopic stratification plane - - stockholder's rights shape. Unifies the state asset shape and the management pattern in China's changing history, promulgated the state asset tube's already result, elaborated the state asset management's existing subject matter and the key to the situation, proposed the analysis opinion to the state-owned stockholder's rights going on the market circulation, stressed that on the state-owned stockholder's rights of going on the market circulation question, should oppose the irritable action, adopt the strategy which proceed orderly and advances gradually, guaranteed the value and the increment of state asset management.Conclusion, constructs of the socialism harmonious society: century forecast on state-owned enterprise reform. This chapter has carried on the synthesis explanation to the conclusion, summarized the paper's innovation deficiency, and takes the contemporary China socialism harmonious society construction as the background, made the forecast to state-owned business's reform.Embarking the research of state enterprise reform from the Marxism system of ownership theory, is a temptation of unifying the Marxism ownership theory system and China's socialist construction, a temptation of exploring the Chinese characteristic socialist construction steps to success, a temptation of exploring successful steps of socialist countries'public ownership system's realizing form as well as the successful steps of state-owned enterprise's reforming. This article takes the Marxism system of ownership theory as the instruction, carried on a more thorough analysis to the state-owned enterprise reform question, has the innovation in the state economy structural reform multiplication, the public ownership system realizing questions, the form diversification as well as state economy property right reform, in order to make meager strength contribution to the Marxism ownership system.
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