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Business Model Research

Posted on:2007-03-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360185960105Subject:Business management
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All organizations have a set of target system and measures for the sake of existence and development, this is the business model.The existing research results explain the concept, structure system, theories of the business model and innovation mechanism of the model etc. But because of the distinctness of view, researcher lack the united cognition to the definition and theorieses of the business model, its theories frame didn't yet set up, and the studying still belong to the entry-level stage.This author puts forward the concept of the business model first base on the foundation of existing study result, and defines the content of the business model, then, applies the related theories of the economics and administrations to explain comprehensively the mode of formation mechanism and the function mechanism. Then, the author makes use of Fractal theory and the Dimensions theory to establish the dimensions model. Base on this foundation, the article further uses methods of Dimensions theory to classify business model.Thus, the author built up a integrated business model structure system .For raising us to the business model understanding of the inside regulation, the article emphasizes how to design and innovate of the business model. And found out the objective regulation from the process of business model development, open out the path dependence relation between the enterprise evolution to the business model's super circulation.Finally, the article carried on the tentative research in the model innovation method and the new organization Paradigm.The intention is in more concerns that in this new research field from the theories and practices. In consideration of business model's practice and convenience...
Keywords/Search Tags:Business model, Rent theory, Interface, Internalization, System lock-in, Super circulation
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