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The Research On Function Of The Independent Director Systems To The Listed Companies In China.

Posted on:2007-06-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S G XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119360185986700Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Since the 90's of 20 centuries, as an important measure and action, the independent director system has been widely adopted by many countries to improve corporate governance. From 2001 the independent director system has also been completely introduced in China. Now this system has become an important part of the modern corporate governance, so it's very valuable for us to study it profoundly.At the present time, the domestic research on function of our independent director system in listed companies is so rare. This thesis studied independent director system from the function angle and offer certain proof and some suggestion for pushing the perfection of the independent director system and corporate governance in listed companies forward in China.This text proceeded to the research according to the following problems: The first one is which key corporate governance problems exist in the listed companies in China.The second one is which functions independent director system can own theoretically in corporate governance. The third one is which terms should be satisfied if the independent director system is wanted to give full play its functions in the listed companies in China. The fourth one is to analyse if the independent director system influenced the listed companies performance or not in China. The fifth one is what is the actual terms. The sixth one is how to perfect the independent director systems in the listed companies in China.To answer the first question, we managed to refine clearly and definitely the kinds of numerous and complicated key corporate governance problems in our share limited liability companies to the three compatibilities risk problems which affect the corporate governance risk together. The three compatibilities are, (1) the disagreement of shareholders interest lead to compatibilities of the share holders;(2) the invigorative compatibilities risk problems of principal-agency; (3)the compatibilities problems between the ability of agency and the requirement of the development of companies.After researching , we point out that the first and second compatibilities risk problem belong to benefits or motive problems, while the third one belongs to cognition or ability problem.. At the present, there is a serious disadvantage in studying corporate governance problems that people lacked to consider them as a whole, paid attention to the second one more, but to the next two specially little.
Keywords/Search Tags:independent director system, compatibilities risk, function, corporate governance
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