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The Study On The Bussiness Model Of Telecommunications Based On Value Network

Posted on:2008-11-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360215483657Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Today, the changes of technology and customer need are bringing a deep revolution to the telecommunication industry. What the operators have to face are not only the competitions of the expansion of the network scale and market share, but also the competitions of integration of value innovation and exploitation of the survival space. Therefore, the model design that integrates a series of innovation capabilities is the key to acquire competitive advantage. In this thesis, studying the relative theories, the author tries to propose a telecom business model based on the value network. The author hopes that the thesis provides a theory and practice reference to telecom operators and helps them exploit new market and extend value space.The content that the thesis contains has two parts, the study of telecom value creation system including the value creation theory, the development trend of telecom industry, the evolvement of telecom creation system, value network and so on, and study of telecom business model based on the value network including the structure and comprising of this business model, the mechanism of forming, the modeling and simulation of system dynamics, strategy choice of telecom operators. In the study, the theories and the methods such as industry amalgamation, industry relevancy, value transfer, core capability, economics, the system dynamics, etc. are applied. In order to research the telecom business model based on the value network deeply, with the quantitative and the qualitive analysis, and try to provide the theoretic reference to the strategy choice of the telecom operators in future.The dissertation is composed of eight chapters.Chapter one is the summary of dissertation study. In this chapter, the author introduces evolvement that the value creation theory progressed from the value chain to the value network, the current situation of the study of value network, and development of business model are analyzed.Chapter two analyzes the development trend of the telecom industry. In this chapter, with the industry amalgamation theory, industry relevancy theory and the value transfer theory, the auther studies the industry mergence and the value transfer and concludes that the telecom operators need to explore new business model for value innovation constantly.Chapter three studies the value creation system of the telecom. In this chapter, the author analyzes the three phases of market forms, product economic, customer economic and system economic. With the tools of value analysis, the evolvement of telecom value creation is studied, based on the network theory, the auther puts forward the viewpoint that the value network will be the main model of the future telecom operator organization value creation.Chapter four focuses on the research of telecom business model based on value network. In this chapter, the author constructs the telecom business model based on value network, describles the structure and components, and analzyzes the high performance charateristics and system features.Chapter five analyses the forming mechanism of telecom business model based on value network. In this chapter, applying resource & capability-based view, the author proves that the business model of telecom value network is an integrated system with resource and capability. Moreover, applying economics principles, the author analyzed that this business model has the economic features, such as scale economics, scope economics, network effect, positive feedback and so on.Chapter six indicates the system dynamics study of telecom business model based on value network. Applying the basic system dynamics, the author constructs the system dynamics model of telecom business model based on value network to analyze the restriction and interaction relationship of the different subsystems. With the simulation analysis of system dynamics, the critical factors are ascertained.Chapter seven proposes the development strategy choice of the telecom operator. Through the study in the thesis, the author gives advice on development strategy choice to the telecom operators.The last chapter, a conclusion, summarizes the research results herein, and points that insufficient and the problems. There are four innovation points in this study. Firstly, the author applies the value creation theory and system dynamics method in the study of telecom business model. Secondly, the author puts fortha telecom business model based on value network, describles and the structure and composing of this business model. Thirdly, the author constructs the system dynamics model of telecom business based on value network.Fourthly, with simulation analysis of model, the author finds the critical factors that affect the behavior of value network system, and proposes the advice on telecom operators'strategy choice.
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