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A Study On Governance System About Audit Collusion Of The Listed Companies

Posted on:2010-07-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119360275951012Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The audit collusion of the listed companies have existed for a long time which is the management department violates the accounting standards,tramples on the national accounting-related laws and regulations and forged accounts to achieve their subjective purpose and the individual certified public accountants or accounting firms for the purpose of obtaining their own interests please the listed companies and turn a blind eye to the false accounting.In recent years,a large number of shocking cases of audit collusion,which has a very great destructive power have taken place in china and foreign countries.On the one hand,audit collusion lead to majority of the investors who believe the false financial reporting suffering heavy loss,disturb the normal order of the investment and make the stock market seriously out of function. On the other hand,audit collusion damages the mechanism of social credit.CPA will not survive without a good faith and when the credibility is damaged this industry will suffer a fatal blow.The worst is likely to lead to the entire socil economic crisis and turbulence.Chinese and foreign government and supervision bodies aware of the seriousness of the situation,issued a series of laws and regulations,increase the punishment for audit collusion.However,cases of audit collusion we don't want to see are still here, despite repeated prohibitions.This note the environmental of audit collusion still exists,it is still demanded and the existing supervision measures to it didn't play a role.Management of Audit collusion is extremely urgent and is a comprehensive systematic project,which is the research value of this article!The research of the full text is divided into three parts(a total of nine chapters), details are as follows:The first part includes three chapters which is the introduction to this article.The first chapter is the introduction to introduce the proposal of the research issue,the theoretical value and practical significance of the selection,the purpose of the study, research methods,and research framework.The second chapter gives a comprehensive review of foreign research literatures and master the depth and breadth of current study.ChapterⅢof the theory is the theoretical basis of the audit collusion, this chapter introduces the main point of view of the "economic man" hypothesis,the internal control theory,the theory of property rights,the principal-agent theory,the theory of asymmetric information,bounded rationality theory,contract theory,the game theory and the information economics theory and so on,as well as the reference for this article.The second part including three chapters is a detailed analysis and argument of this article.ChapterⅣin-depth analyzes the macro-economic environmental impact factor,the legal environmental impact factor,the corporate governance environmental impact factor,the firms practicing environmental impact factor and reveals the objective environment of audit collusion.ChapterⅤusing game theory to detailedly analyze the course of the game among accounting firms,the process of the game among CPA,accounting firms and the management of listed companies and reveals the realistic basis of the audit collusion.ChapterⅥput the listed companies through amendatory Lennox model of predicted audit opinion predicting which should issue non-standard audit opinion report but in fact issue standard unqualified audit report from 2005 to 2007 as a sample to analyze the structural relevance between audit collusion and audit market.This provides reference for management of audit collusion.The third part including three chapters,which is the focus of this article put forward comprehensive control measures of the audit collusion.ChapterⅦbuild red flag warning mechanism of audit collusion from the supply side and demand side of audit collusion.ChapterⅧbuild mechanism of governance of listed companies' audit collusion-four dimensional model of governance from the shareholders,management of listed companies,supervision department of audit collusion,CPA and accounting firms in order to radically control the audit collusion,regain the public's confidence in the auditing profession and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders. The last chapter is conclusion and outlook.
Keywords/Search Tags:Audit Collusion, Government Mechanism, Four Dimension, Red Flag Signal
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