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Research On Momentums, Modes And Economic Effects Of Industrial Labor Division And Cooperation Across Taiwan Strait

Posted on:2010-03-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:R L ZhuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119360275988549Subject:Regional Economics
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Ushered by the waves of economic globalization and regional integration, economic and trade intercourses and cooperation across Taiwan Strait have been expanding rapidly since the 1980s. As essential content of the economic relations across the Strait, labor division and cooperation have undergone an evolution process of wave-style advancement and phrasal upgrading. Labor division structure across the Strait promoted by the investments of Taiwan enterprises in the Mainland is becoming a striking phenomenon in the wave of international industrial transaction, and attracted worldwide attentions by creating a successful module of international labor division.With the tremendous booming of Chinese Mainland economy, Mainland's deepening participation of economic globalization and continuous upgrading of the industrial structures on both sides of the Strait, Taiwan direct investments in the Mainland kept increasing and expanding steadily. The labor division mode changed gradually with a tendency of diversification. Labor division and cooperation relations getting closer, the mutual independence degree of industries on both sides tends to increase as well. Significant positive changes, which are providing labor division across the Strait with great historical opportunity, have taken place since 2008. Realizing comprehensively and correctly the momentums, modes and economic effects of the labor division across the Strait, has great realistic significance for taking advantages of the historic opportunity of economic ties development and pushing upward the labor division level to a higher stage.The study of this thesis adopts comprehensively normative and empirical, abstract and concrete, historical and logical analyses, and comparative analytical methods. With combined reference to the theories of FDI and industrial labor division of new classical economics and large amounts of experts and scholars on labor division and cooperation across the Strait, this research is intended to study comprehensively the development process, momentum mechanism, mode evolution, economic effects of the labor division across the Strait.The main points and conclusions of the thesis are as follows:First, according to evolutions of investment scale, investment sphere, regional structure, industry level, etc. the development process of the Taiwan direct investments in the Mainland can be divided into probing and starting phrase, rapid expanding phrase, adjustment and deepening phrase, and breakthrough and transaction phrase. The modes of these phrases are different to one another, and show a tendency of upgrading gradually.Second, labor division and cooperation across the Strait is the results of common actions by multiple factors, which include discrepancy of comparative advantage, mutual supplement of industrial structures, investment environment advantages of the Mainland, inner necessity of economic restructuring, exterior impetus of economic globalization and regional integration. Any of the present theories concerned with FDI and labor division can just explain partly the momentum of labor division and cooperation across the Strait.Third, labor division modes across the Strait followed the dynamic evolution and gradual upgrading track of "vertical division dominant mode - mixed mode combined with vertical and horizontal division - multiplied mode dominant by intra-industry functional division and inter-industry horizontal division". Labor division structure across the Strait at current stage is compound of multiple and multilevel division modes, among which, horizontal division is the dominant mode and is leading the trend of labor division.Fourth, regression analysis indicates labor division promoted bilateral trade across the Strait. Such promoting effect is embodied in expansion of trade volume, increase of dependence degree of trade of Taiwan with Mainland, and improvement of commodity structure of trade. At the same time, labor division had substantial positive effects on the upgrading of the industrial structure on both sides of the Strait.Fifth, by taking cooperation in photonics industry and financial industry between Xiamen and Taiwan as concrete examples, the thesis probes into modes and policy orientation of strengthening cooperation between them. Then the thesis puts forwards with a foreseeing view the basic policy suggestions on constructing photonics industrial cooperation base and pilot zone of financial industry cooperation across the Strait in Xiamen.Sixth, although great progress have been achieved, labor division and cooperation across the Strait is encountered by a series of defects and challenges, which are in urgent need to be solved. Hopefully, realization of "Three Direct Links" provides substantial historical opportunities for its further development. Based on the analysis on both challenges and opportunities ahead, the thesis puts forward overall thoughts on intimating labor division and cooperation across the Straits...
Keywords/Search Tags:Labor Division, Taiwan Direct Investment, Mode, Momentum, Economic Effects
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