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Investment Mechanism And Empirical Research Based On Sustainable Development Of Economy In West China

Posted on:2011-08-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119360305953220Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The development of economy relies on investment, since investment is the important factor promoting economic development. The "develop-the-west" strategy under scientific development concept requires economy to be sustainable, healthy, and harmonious. With the effect of investment in the economical operation highlighting day by day, it is necessary to study the development problem of regional economy in a unique investment perspective. In the process of western development, the lack of aggregate investment, inadequate investment origin channel, irrational investment structure, and poor investment efficiency have been the key restrictions for economy development. Therefore, the research on how to bring investment into full play, raise aggregate investment, optimize investment structure, and increase investment efficiency by evaluating investment, will have important theory value and practical significance to promote sustainable development of economy in west.Constructed the theoretical frame of investment mechanism combing with a new perspective, and proposed the research objective system including rationalizing investment structure, optimizing investment efficiency, and sufficing investment momentum; then analyzed and evaluated the status and developing tendency of three subsystems, and finally put forward some reasonable proposals.(1) This paper put forward innovatively the select standard of leading industry under the influence of sustainable development concept, established index system, constructed the model of leading industry selection based on improved principal component analysis, and realized empirical analysis. Combining with actual results and dynamic analysis on industrial investment structure status, proposed the optimization orientation of industrial investment structure in west China.(2) This paper combined data envelopment analysis with rough set theory innovatively, established index system, constructed evaluation model of industrial investment efficiency, and carried on empirical study between the western and eastern; for the current situation about investment efficiency in western, proposed a series of improved measures.(3) This paper proposed two motive powers promoting investment which are the development of urbanization and the diversification of investors. For the development of urbanization issues, analyzed the influence of urbanization on investment in three aspects, and proposed the new and harmonious pattern of urbanization development strategy. For the diversification of investors issues, put forward the different development paths and strategies for various investors. Key words:western region, sustainable development of economy, investment structure, investment efficiency, investment momentum...
Keywords/Search Tags:western region, sustainable development of economy, investment structure, investment efficiency, investment momentum
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