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The Caspian Sea, Central Asia Gas Pipeline Diplomatic Game Research

Posted on:2014-01-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1226330392963057Subject:International relations
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The area of the Caspian Sea and central Asia is a vacuum area in the world political system,and also a new area which is rich in energy. For the reason of geopolitics and energy demands, theEU put forward the Nabucco gas pipeline project. With the Nabucco project, each relatedcountries, the big powers and the affected countries all take part in it and start an energygeopolitics game, and then lead to the evolution of bilateral relations, trilateral relations andmultilateral relations. This paper expounds the origin and course of the Nabucco pipeline project,elaborates the diplomatic game of all related countries for the Nabucco project, and proposesChina’s diplomatic strategy and countermeasure.The Introduction includes the content of purpose and significance, related research conditionat home and abroad, outline and method, and innovation point.The main body includes four parts, and divides into six chapters.The first part is chapter one, and in this part, it summarizes the present situation of gas andgas pipelines with the latest data, shows the reason why gas becomes the strategic energy,describes the gas distribution in the world, and discusses the relation of gas distribution andgeopolitics and the geopolitical pattern of gas pipeline with the theory of geopolitics and game.The second part is chapter two and three, which is the analysis of the background, processand prospect of the Nabucco gas pipeline project. Chapter two represents the background andprocess of the Nabucco project with historical research method. With the method of dialectics,Chapter three introduces the acquired production, analyses the reason why this project makes slowprogress and often changes plans, and then points out the significant elements for the project.The third part includes chapter four and five, and set forth the diplomatic game of relatedcountries for the gas and gas pipeline in the area of Caspian Sea and central Asia. Chapter fourmainly discusses the five host countries of gas resources in the area of Caspian Sea and centralAsia, and expounds the strategy status for gas, the quest for pluralism paths of gas export, anddiplomatic game for the Nabucco project of the five countries. Chapter five mainly discusses thethree big powers of EU, the US and China, and expounds the diplomatic game for the project andthe resources in the Caspian Sea and central Asia of these three powers.The fourth part is chapter six, which put forward the challenge and opportunity of theNabucco project for China, and then proposes China’s energy strategy and diplomaticcountermeasure.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Caspian Sea, Central Asia, Energy Diplomacy, Gas Pipeline, NabuccoProject, EU, Russia, Geopolitics Game
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