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The Perspective Of Comparative History Of Country Governance Issues Research: To Coupling In The Form Of The Relationship Of Governance Structure And Governance Performance

Posted on:2013-03-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1226330395451154Subject:Political Theory
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From ancient times to the present, the problem of great power’s governance is not only an interesting issues for academics, politicians and even general public, but also is a research topics that has important theoretical value and practical significance. Since reform and opening, China is an ever-rising great power that affected by the complicated and changeable factors at home and abroad. This thesis tends to think that rapid economic development and a favorable international environment are very important to the great power’s rise and national rejuvenation of China,but the most fundamental is whether the governance structure is reasonable and perfect or not.So,a great power with what kind of governance structure in order to achieve and maintain long-term good governance performance?This thesis believe that, from the viewpoint of their inherent characteristics and governance requirements,the great power’s effective governance should be built on the basis of "Two-Wheel Drive",and the governance structure of great power should be composed of two sets governance system of different nature, purpose and the logic of action,which will be called the" coupling governance structure". The coupling extent of the governance structure has strong or weak, it mainly reflected in the mutual recognition,embedding and penetration between the two governance systems which respectively take the State and society as the main body.Therefore this thesis proposes the following basic assumptions.the great power’s coupling governance structure is intimately related to its governance performance,and strong coupling governance structure is an important foundation for achieving good governance performance; Conversely, weak coupling governance structure is not conducive to the realization of good governance performance, can even lead to governance crisis to accumulate and the final collapse of the political system.In order to prove the above propositions and assumptions, it is necessary to be established on the basis of comprehensively grasping compositions and characteristics of the great power’s governance structure. Therefore, we select the Chinese Empire and the Roman Empire as typical cases,trying to prove the above propositions and assumptions.This process of proof is actually to interpret and analyze what is the critical significance of "Two-Wheel Drive" to effective governance.As far as the Chinese Empire, it is rare to achieve the long-term effective governance of the great powers in the ancient world, while the Roman Empire’s governance performance is much worse.Why there are so striking differences between the two great power’s governance performance?This thesis tends to believe that the Chinese Empire’s long-term effective governance is largely due to strong and effective coupling between the national governance system which led by the emperor and bureaucrats, and social governance system constituted by families,clans and villages.That is to say,the Chinese Empire has a strong coupling governance structure; And the Roman Empire’s failed governance largely originates from the weak coupling between the national governance system which led by the emperor and army, and the local governance system constituted by provinces and autonomous cities.That is to say,the Roman Empire has a weak coupling governance structure.So we make sure that the coupling governance structure has a direct impact on its governance performance indeed,and even exists significant positive correlation between the two variables above. In short, achieving and maintaining the long-term and effective governance of great powers need to establish on the basis of the dual governance system’s strong coupling between state and society,and provide strong power resources and system guarantee by the "Two-Wheel Drive".In such circumstances,the fundamental problems of great power’s governance,which achieve dynamic equilibrium between state control and social autonomy, centralization and decentralization, integration and diversification,would be better resolved. This is undoubtedly an important experience for great powers to achieve effective governance.In the end,we try to discuss the national governance problems in contemporary China.On one hand, the governance experiences and historical heritages of the Chinese Empire should be selective development and creative transformation;On the other hand, the relationships between political party(CCP) and state or society should be rebuilt,and new space for the growth of the Chinese society should be opened up by means of active political reform.Only in this way,a new strong coupling governance structure between state and society could be constructed.In our view,constructing such structure means that China’s national governance should be built on the solid and strong foundation of "Two-Wheel Drive", which is the most realistic and feasible path to China’s peaceful rise and long-term stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Governance of Great Power, Two-Wheel Drive, Coupling GovernanceStructure, Governance Performance, the Chinese Empire, the Roman Empire, China’sState Governance
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