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Study On U.S. Foreign Economic Aid

Posted on:2015-09-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The United States is the first country which provided economic aid on alarge-scale and institutionalized in the world. It has formed a relatively completesystem and enforcement mechanism. Through the food relief and dollar diplomacy toEurope after the first World War, the Marshall Plan and the Point Four Program afterthe second World War, the support plan to democracy and post-GWOT reconstructionafter the end of the cold war, U.S. foreign economic aid has also undergone a processof constantly adjust and improve. Throughout this process, there is a clear nationalinterest motivation behind the massive money, goods and human resources. From theperspective of the United States, as the logic of power, the aid has the motivation ofnational security,exporting democracy and maintaining international political system.As the logic of market, the aid has the motivation of exploiting market, expandinginvestment and maintaining international economic system. The motive to protecthegemony system is unique to the U.S. foreign economic aid. In addition, the U.S. aidalso considered the responsibility of great power and international moral, etc.The decision-making process of U.S. foreign economic aid is under the action ofmultiple factors, which is influenced by cultural concept, foreign tradition and publicopinion, also experiences the directly participation of interest groups. And eventuallyall sorts of interest demands will gather in the administration and congress under theconstitutional framework, the final version of the U.S. foreign economic aid policywill be formed. America’s foreign economic aid includes aid territory, aid field and aidform. America’s economic aid has always focused on strategic areas, and its fieldinclude society, economy, production and so on. The form mainly includes four majorcategories such as financial, goods, technology and human resources, debt relief,which contains the project aid, sector aid and budget aid, etc. The management of U.S. foreign economic aid has adopted the international general way of processmanagement, USAID has played a major role in the process of government aidmanagement, which formulated a detailed project management process and designprocess.Through the assessment by aid diamond model, it can be found that the quality ofAmerica’s economic aid is obviously improved in recent ten years. But from the pointof recipient countries’ development, the effect of America’s aid remains to be furtherimproved. From the point of impact on the United States, economic aid has effectivelyhelped to the establishment and maintaining of the U.S. global alliance system,supported America’s diplomatic and military operations, enhanced America’s ability tocontrol the global unstable factors, greatly developed America’s soft power, andexpanded the overseas market of America’s goods and capital to a certain degree. Theexperiences of America shows that, superpower status determines its foreign economicaid must pursue strategic target, the success of the aid must rely on the formaldomestic system and participation to international system. At the same time, the UnitedStates also has the problems like containing in decision making, overlapping of aidagencies, and the improvement of aid effectiveness. As a rising country in theinternational system, China should learn the experience of America, strengthening thesystem construction and effective participation to the international aid system, promotethe reform of aid concept and regime. China also should notice the differences betweenrising country and hegemony country, make good use of the advantage duringsouth-south cooperation, make its own contribution to the construction of internationalaid norms.
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