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Study On Citizen Moral Construction Path Based On Life Philosophy

Posted on:2015-01-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1226330452453730Subject:Ideological and political education
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Since the reform and opening-up, China’s market economy has developedrapidly and citizen moral construction has been on the agenda and has drawn moreand more attention. On the one hand, the attention is for the sake of better adjustmentto the development of market economy. On the other hand, it derives directly from aseries of problems and challenges in Chinese citizen moral life. Since the issue ofThe Outlines of Implementation of Citizen Moral Construction in September,2001,China has made groundbreaking progress in citizen moral construction. However,However, some new situations and new problems have also emerged in citizen moralquality, citizen’s life field and the task of citizen moral construction, which seriouslyhinder the development of citizen moral construction. It is an urgent task to promotethe effectiveness of citizen moral construction.Citizen concept decides citizen moral concept and then decides citizen moralconstruction mode and path accordingly. We have to answer two questions to solvethe effectiveness of citizen moral construction: what is citizen moral and what is thepath for citizen moral construction. The first question requires that the dissertationshould analyze the concept of citizen and citizen moral which derive from westernterminology and sort out the differences and similarities between China and the west.The second question requires that it should make a systematic analysis of the theoryand practice of citizen moral construction in both China and the west so that it sumsup the characteristics of citizen moral construction path in China and the west. Onthis basis, it makes a specific analysis of the present situation of Chinese citizenmoral construction so as to put forward effective strategies. The dissertationreinterprets the connotation of Chinese citizen moral and puts forward twodimensions of citizen moral construction that are natural generation and rationalconstruction. With the two dimensions as the starting point, the dissertation makes astudy on citizen moral construction path from such three aspects as literature review,comprehensive study of theory and life experience.The dissertation defines the concept of Chinese citizen moral and sums up thecharacteristics of citizen moral construction path. On this basis, the dissertationexamines the present situation and difficulties of Chinese citizen moral constructionfrom natural generation and rational construction with such methods as comparativestudy, literature study and case study. We find that in the two dimensions, citizen moral construction has some deflection from life which leads to the lack ofcitizenship and moral absence in citizen moral life. If Chinese citizen moralconstruction wants to walk out of the predicament, it must face the pragmatic lifeand seek the unity of natural generation and rational construction. Marxismphilosophy of life opens up a new theoretical field of vision for Chinese citizenmoral construction. Marxism philosophy was formed in serving directly for man’semancipation practice and solving life problems so it is sufficient to support citizenmoral construction. Such key elements as the starting point, the aim and the clue ofcitizen moral construction are essentially in consistent with the theoretical mission ofMarxism philosophy of life. Citizen moral construction need be carried on under thesupport of Marxism philosophy of life. The dissertation examines and reflects thedilemma of citizen moral construction, citizen life field and the task of citizen moralconstruction from the perspective of life philosophy. Holding that common sense,system and reason are key factors in influencing citizen moral construction, thedissertation constructs a path for citizen moral construction in citizen’s life field thatis daily life field, non daily life field and the fusion of the two fields.
Keywords/Search Tags:citizen moral, philosophy of life, common sense, system, reason
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