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Practical Research Of CIPP Evaluation Model Of Vocational Colleges’ Specialty Construction

Posted on:2017-01-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Vocational education is directly associated with the economical and social development among all the education categories. It is meanwhile an important approach to training a large number of intermediate and advanced skill-oriented talents, improving the labors’ quality, boosting economical and social development, and promoting employment. National Medium and Long-term Plan for Education Reform and Development(2010-2020) clearly proclaimed that to develop vocational education is a crucial method to promote economic development, promote employment, improve people’s livelihood, solve issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area, relieve supply and demand contradictory of labor force. It also pointed out that to develop vocational education must be paid more attention. The Decision of Accelerating Modern Vocational Education Development of the State Council further claimed that it is necessary to improve system construction of modern vocational education, deepen industry-education integration, college-enterprise cooperation, cultivate billions of high-quality laborer with technical skills. Specialty construction is the bond that combines vocational colleges and the society, and it also decides the talents training and operating level of the vocational colleges. Therefore, the key to improving the educational quality of vocational colleges lies in conducting high-level specialty construction.Nowadays, there are some problems in the specialty construction of vocational colleges such as seeking quick success and instant benefits, ambiguous orientation, inefficiency, and lower benefits. This research regards evaluation as a guiding force and a driving force. In the guidance of promoting construction, reform and supervision through evaluation, this research puts up a systematic reflection of current problems, which include ignoring background factors, specialty characteristics, construction process and students’ development, deeply thinks and proposes that it is necessary to insist on unity of benefit and efficiency, consideration of overall and core, diversity of procedure and method, builds up a CIPP evaluation model aiming to promote the benefit and efficiency of vocational colleges’ specialty construction,finally use in practice.This research follows “research background?hypothesis research?subject research?case study?theory induction” pattern, and employs literature research, theory research, investigation research and case study. In a basis of the theory of CIPP evaluation model, professional cycle theory, and system theory, it conducts a systematic and scientific research towards the necessity, rationality, subjectivity, effectiveness and principle of the CIPP evaluation model of vocational colleges.CIPP evaluation theory corresponds to specialty construction of vocational colleges. This research is guided by the evaluation value of “two effects”(benefit and efficiency), and it constructs an indicator system of specialty construction of vocational colleges measured by “four cores”(core target, core resource, core task and core development) and “four dimensions”(target adaptiveness, condition assurance, task effectiveness and development satisfaction). Based on “two effects and four cores” construction strategy of evaluation operation model and the key elements of CIPP evaluation model, this research designs a CIPP evaluation holographic operation model towards specialty construction of vocational colleges by fully absorbing their operating requirements. This evaluation model is based on the core elements like efficiency, benefit, core target and content, and covers four stages as context evaluation, input evaluation, process evaluation and product evaluation. It has five features: multivariate evaluation subject, full course evaluation principle, systematic evaluation content, diversified evaluation mode and rigorous evaluation procedure.Through analyzing the theoretical foundation and system construction, and studying some practical cases in CIPP evaluation model of vocational colleges’ specialty construction, this research concludes three basic principles of constructing the CIPP evaluation model of vocational colleges’ specialty construction: Firstly, evaluation value orientation should obey the principle of two-side effects. To be specific, the evaluation of vocational colleges’ specialty construction seeks maximal benefit and the vocational colleges try to cultivate high-quality labors and skill-oriented talents who can satisfy the society, parents and students most. On the other hand, the evaluation of vocational colleges’ specialty construction seeks the most suitable efficiency, and they try to realize an optimal ratio between input and output in a fit construction step. The vocational colleges seeks benefit first and efficiency after, intends to realize a maximal efficiency guided by benefit, and improve talents quality. Secondly, evaluation content construction is a comprehensive principle. Vocational colleges’ specialty construction evaluation should be an overall evaluation concerning many factors, inter-factor relations and relations between factors and environment. From the vertical perspective, the evaluation content of specialty construction includes context evaluation, input evaluation, process evaluation and product evaluation; From the horizontal perspective, the evaluation content includes every element inside every factor, especially the core elements. Thirdly, evaluation indicator system should take common things and differences into account. The design of evaluation indicator system should both concern common things and individual features. The evaluation indicator system should have something in general, but it also should take vocational colleges’ unique features into account.
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