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Social Capital For Small And Medium-sized Enterprise Cluster Financing To Influence And Realization Mechanism Research

Posted on:2013-03-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1229330401473987Subject:Theoretical Economics
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Cluster of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country has developedto a certain scale, effectively promote the production technology innovation,speed up the regional economic transformation and industrialization, drives theregional economic ceaselessly. The development of small and medium-sizedenterprise clusters of the economic growth in China has made significantcontribution. However, the small and medium enterprise development clusterunder increasing external industry competition pressure, and by themselves thelimits of the asset scale, insufficient funds appeared the condition, how tofinancing a problem of small and medium enterprises difficult problem. In recentyears the country has issued the "small and medium enterprise promotion law"and other relevant laws and regulations, and the local government also in thisrespect to do many work, however, because of financial institutions, such asBanks for credit risk, and other aspects of the consideration, not for small andmedium enterprises to provide the scale of the funds, so this has not very goodsolution to small and medium-sized enterprises cluster financing difficultquestion. So, from different point of view to small and medium-sized enterpriseresearch how to cluster financing is increasing, it is very is of practicalsignificance. This article based on the perspective of social capital, the mainresearch social capital for small and medium-sized enterprise cluster financingeffects, and on the basis of social capital theory put forward the constructionunder the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprise cluster financingsupport system solutions.First of all, this paper discusses the present situation of the small andmedium-sized enterprise cluster financing and its influence factors wereanalyzed. Small and medium enterprises small in scale, the small scale of thefunds, resistance to the ability of the risk is facing such as financing difficulties,the demand for capital characteristics such as so often makes them not easy to getfinancial institutions loan, cluster financing can make the loan risk greatlyreduced while the benefits stability improved, so cluster financing be dissolvethe financing of small and medium enterprises important way. Banks and theinformation asymmetry between enterprises, the small and medium-sized enterprises is not high and the creditworthiness of bank lending moral risk bigpromoted the development of the cluster financing. Cluster financing general byhosting the bank financing way, small and medium-sized enterprise clustersmutual guarantee the financing way and small and medium-sized enterprises setbonds issued three ways, by government support policies, within a clusterregional development of small and medium-sized private bank, cluster enterprisecredit guarantee system and cluster of cooperation and credit relations within theinfluence of factors.Secondly, this paper analyzes the social capital in the industrial cluster andits evolution. Social capital has not, so far, the concept of a unified, according tovarious theory, this paper holds that social capital is to show enterprise socialnetwork based on mutual benefit, trust, etc can brings to the enterprise principleof social resources. Industry cluster of social capital in the social capital bycluster and cluster as a whole social capital, that is, the enterprise interior socialcapital and external social capital formation. Social capital on the industrialcluster has the important influence on the position of the industrial cluster scale,the cluster speed and industry cluster of information symmetry and degree ofindustrial cluster core ability play a very significant role. The social capitalformation is divided into three stages: formation, polymerization and update,and the evolution were analyzed.Again, this paper analyzes the social capital on the cluster of small andmedium-sized enterprises, the influence mechanism. Social capital is a kind ofrelying on in interpersonal relationship of social productivity resources, isthrough the long-term exchange cognitive and mutual trust form. Theaccumulation of social capital on credit, to the enterprise financing bringpositive role. In the process of financing, social capital and its characteristic,often of social capital from enterprise geopolitical gathered, popularity andrelationships. These social capital input make financing more convenient andquick, to the enterprise financing has a leading role. The use of constructingmodel way explain social capital within the cluster the role of the mechanism.Then, the paper enumerated example to prove that social capital on thebehavior of the small and medium-sized enterprises cluster effect. Since thereform and opening up, the medium and small enterprises in China is developingvery rapidly, and in the national GDP occupies a ratio. Our country enterprise hasthe very strong equity financing and the tendency of the refinancing, and relative data analysis results show that the main source of funds to private companies forinternal personnel financing and lending, and through the enterprise socialnetworks of social capital it, it accounted for more than ninety percent of thescale. Debt financing allows the company governance enhanced, enterprise valueimprovement, financing effect is obvious. This paper analyzes the developmentof small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the social capital of the clusterfinancing ways and the way. Cultivate social capital needs the government topublish relevant policies and regulations, make social capital financingenvironment, dig out the potential of social capital.Then, this paper discusses the development of small and medium-sizedenterprises to promote the social capital of the cluster financing ways and theway. Industry cluster in our country social capital of the existing in thedevelopment of such as embedded rely on, closeness limitations and internalstructure of imbalance, cultivate social capital should be separate in the businessenterprise level, cluster level and government levels. Should take measures tooptimize cluster social capital, establish a standardized cluster system, thereform of structural cluster networks, achieving clustering relationship trust andsystem the balance of the trust, to enhance the social capital for small enterprisefinancing function.Then, this paper put forward the construction under theperspective of social capital of small and medium-sized enterprises clusterfinancing support system.Finally, this paper summarized the full text, and puts forward the problemsto be solved. Social capital for small and medium-sized enterprise clusterfinancing has a very important impact, should reform mechanism to promote thedevelopment of small and medium-sized enterprise cluster financing. But at thesame time, this paper also has the cluster of small and medium-sized enterprisesocial capital can’t be accurately measuring and social capital on the financing ofsmall and medium enterprises analyzing the impact of do not have representativeand dynamic limitations.
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